There were 259 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between September 4 and September 10. Officers performed 68 traffic stops, 36 security checks of local businesses, and three public assists. There were seven accidents and one DUI.

9/4 — A caller advised that she had been notified about a possible suicide note written by a young person. Deputies located the subject’s parents, who agreed to seek a voluntary evaluation for the juvenile at the hospital.

9/4 — A caller reported seeing smoke in the South Leigh area. Fire units responded and determined the smoke appeared to be coming down from Island Park.

9/4 — A caller reported that her boyfriend had taken her vehicle and would not answer his phone. She did not follow up with the sheriff’s office.

9/5 — A caller reported seeing juveniles skateboarding at the Victor Depot at midnight. Deputies located the youths at the city park and alerted their parents.

9/5 — An individual paid the tipping fee at the transfer station with a counterfeit $20. Deputies were unable to locate the individual.

9/5 — A caller reported seeing another vehicle drive into a ditch and hit a road sign before leaving the scene of the accident. The driver was located and determined not to be intoxicated, but he was cited for having no liability insurance. The Idaho Transportation Department was advised of the damaged sign.

9/5 — Two households in the Victor area called to complain of loud music in the neighborhood. Deputies responded several times to the loud party, which was finally shut down at 11 p.m.

9/5 — A Victor caller reported that an 18-wheeler had been idling in a downtown parking lot for some time. An officer spoke with the driver of the truck, who turned off the engine.

9/5 — A caller who was concerned about fire hazard reported someone shooting off fireworks in the Driggs area. Deputies located the source of the fireworks and advised them of the hazard.

9/5 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident in Tetonia. There were no injuries but the vehicle had to be towed.

9/6 — A caller reported that her ex-boyfriend was in the neighborhood and she was concerned about her safety. She was given information on pressing charges for stalking, and deputies made contact with the man and advised him of the call.

9/6 — A caller reported hearing several women yelling loudly nearby. Deputies located the women, who said they would move their party inside.

9/6 — There was a vehicle parked near the Victor post office at 2:30 a.m. An officer made contact with the occupant and performed a search of the car, but found nothing incriminating.

9/6 — The dispatch for a vehicle monitoring system received an SOS signal from a car near 6000N. Deputies responded to the area then went to the residence where the vehicle was registered and spoke to the owner. The alarm appeared to have been accidental.

9/6 — Fire units responded to and extinguished a residential controlled burn on a red flag day.

9/6 — A man was pulled over in Tetonia for driving with a broken taillight. He was taken into custody for second offense DUI and also charged with open container and felon in possession of a firearm.

9/6 — A caller reported that she could hear her neighbors yelling and didn’t know if they needed assistance. Deputies responded and determined it was a verbal altercation.

9/7 — There was an unoccupied red sedan that had been driven off the road outside of Tetonia and abandoned. The car was towed and the sheriff’s office is attempting to locate its owner.

9/7 — There was a motorcycle vs. vehicle collision in Tetonia that resulted in minor damage and no injuries or citations.

9/7 — Search & Rescue was notified that a person who was floating the river had not met with his party at the take-out. As SAR deployed, the person showed up safely.

9/8 — A fuel truck had been left at the top of a hill in Tetonia and the next morning it was found at the bottom of the hill, in neutral, with no emergency brake applied. The incident was documented but there appeared to be no sign of foul play.

9/8 — A caller reported that her car brakes had failed on Highway 31 and she rear-ended another vehicle. AAA was contacted to pick up one of the cars; the other was still driveable.

9/9 — A local business reported that a customer had been very aggressive and refused to pay for goods received in full. The owner wanted the person trespassed from the business.

9/9 — There was a minor accident in the Broulim’s parking lot but officers were responding to another call. The parties involved took pictures for insurance purposes.

9/10 — A car rear-ended a truck and trailer carrying irrigation pipe in Tetonia, resulting in road blockage but no injuries. A report was taken.

9/10 — The manager of a gas station requested the trespass of a woman who was attempting to shoplift from the store. The woman was served a trespass notice.