There were 301 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between September 3rd and September 12th. Officers performed 79 traffic stops, 18 security checks of local businesses, and 7 public assists. There were 2 accidents, 2 hit-and-runs, and 3 DUIs, and 3 ambulance runs to Grand Targhee.

9/3 — There was an accident at the gas station in Tetonia when an individual failed to yield while entering the highway. There was no injuries and moderate damage.

9/3 — An NCO order was violated when an individual trespassed on a Driggs property. Deputies arrived on the scene after the trespasser left the premises. The incident is under investigation and a report taken.

9/3 — A hit and run occurred at the Teton High parking lot. The reporting party’s son’s vehicle was hit with minor damage. A note was left by a witness, who deputies tried to contact. The incident is under investigation.

9/4 — A fire thought to be in the Big Hole range was reported to TCSO. The reporting party was advised it was smoke from the antelope creek fire, which is out of Teton County jurisdiction.

9/4 — A female subject was stopped by deputies after seen walking on Hwy 33 at a quarter before 11pm. She was advised to get off the roadway.

9/4 — TCSO received a report of an individual using a controlled substance in the Broulims’s parking lot. Deputies located the vehicle the suspect was in and pulled it over. They then found Marijuana, paraphernalia (in plain sight), and psilocybin mushrooms after a search of the vehicle. The suspect was taken into custody and bonded out.

9/4 — A call came in for the first in a series of vandalism's perpetrated against TCSO speed monitoring trailers. The crime was committed near the Teton West Motel around midnight and knocked the speed monitor out of commission. An investigation is ongoing.

9/7 — A subject was cited and given a courtesy ride home after they blew around 2.5x the legal limit after a traffic stop for speeding. The individual also had an open container in both the passenger seat and in a cooler in the back seat. They were also cited for possession of marijuana.

9/7 — The second instance of vandalism against a speed monitoring trailer was called in on the south side of Driggs, next to Hwy 33. The trailer was struck multiple times with a blunt object after being tipped over and damaged beyond function.

9/8 — Deputies responded to a lively DUI call near Tetonia. The individual is also linked to a disturbance/trespass call earlier that evening, which deputies were responding to when they located the subject. The perpetrator struck a vehicle at a property and left the scene where deputies located him. He was taken into custody for felony DUI, and during processing he damaged the door of a holding cell and cited for damage to jail property. He was then transferred to Madison County Jail.

9/9 — There was an accident at the Broulim’s parking lot when an individual struck a bike rack. The driver then parked at Family Dollar, where they were located by deputies. The driver did not realize that they had struck another vehicle. Besides damage to the bike rack, there was no harm and the two parties agreed to resolve the matter in a civil fashion.

9/10 — A 5-acre fire outside of Victor was reported to Teton County Fire who promptly arrived on scene. It was burning on agricultural ground and is believed to have been started by a combine. The farmers and Fire Department controlled the fire by strategically tilling up land to control the blaze and extinguish it.

9/10 — There was a hit and run south of Victor on Highway 33 that made it all the way to Driggs after the reporting party followed the offender. Some words were had before deputies arrived near the old courthouse in Driggs. The driver reportedly sideswiped the reporting party’s vehicle during a pass and did not realize he hit another car. A report was taken for the accident and no citations were issued.

9/10 — 2 daughters were reported lost in Victor after they failed to return on time while bicycling. By the time deputies responded the two children were reported safe and sound at home.

9/11 — A male jogger was bitten by a dog while running on Bates road west of Driggs. The dog is being checked for vaccinations and the jogger did not need medical treatment.

9/12 — Vandalism was reported at Teton High after the front door was covered with writing in permanent ink. the writing read: “Get vaxxed, get f'ed, fight for the 13, USA.” The incident is under investigation.

9/12 — TCSO received a call from a distressed hiker whose partner went into shock while on Table Mountain. The call was relayed to Teton County Wyoming who responded to the incident.

9/12 — Officers located a vehicle in Victor after it was reported to be travelling extremely slow down Pine Creek Pass. After locating the driver deputies took the subject into custody after they refused field sobriety tests. A warrant was issued for a blood draw and the individual was cited for DUI. The subject was subsequently bonded out.