There were 225 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 20 and August 26. Officers performed 63 traffic stops and 17 security checks of local businesses. There were two accidents and one DUI. Dispatch received 33 unfounded 911 calls, mostly from the automatic iPhone Emergency SOS feature.

8/20 — A caller reported a suspicious man walking in Driggs with a trash bag and claimed the man was trying to open unlocked cars. A deputy made contact with the person, who said he was just taking the trash out.

8/20 — A caller reported a fraud after his daughter gave away a large amount of personal information to a scammer. He was advised on the different companies to contact about the fraud.

8/20 — A caller reported that two aggressive dogs had charged him in Victor. He felt so threatened he drew a knife. The owner was given a written warning for dog at large.

8/20 — A caller reported a man sitting on the sidewalk in Driggs. Deputies were familiar with the person, who was fine.

8/21 — A driver who was travelling too quickly on Highway 31 drove off the road. None of the car’s occupants sustained injuries.

8/21 — A property owner reported that kids were in a subdivision making bombs out of dry ice and soda bottles. The kids were required to clean up the mess and dispatch attempted to make contact with their parents.

8/21 — After a driver suspiciously tried to evade several officers in Tetonia, he was pulled over northwest of town and taken into custody for felony DUI, driving without privileges, possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, open container, and destruction of evidence. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

8/22 — Dispatch received an abandoned 911 call and traced the call back to a person who had passed away a few weeks prior. The person’s phone appeared to have automatically called 911.

8/22 — A caller reported people burning a large brush pile in Creekside Meadows. Fire units advised the people of the county burn ban and made them extinguish the fire.

8/22 — A driver ran off the frontage road south of Driggs, drove into the standing water near the bridge, and was ejected from his vehicle. He was transported by helicopter to EIRMC.

8/22 — A mountain biker encountered a man and woman in the South Fork Horseshoe area who had rolled their side-by-side and were walking the four or five miles of trail back to the trailhead. They were uninjured but wanted a ride out to their vehicle. Teton County Idaho Search & Rescue responded and helped extricate the couple.

8/22 — A caller reported that a man had attempted to break into the bedroom window of a condo in Victor. Four officers searched the area but found no sign of the intruder.

8/23 — A Tetonia caller reported that an ATV rental company was repeatedly sending customers down her private path despite posted no trespassing signs. TCSO requests that people respect private property.

8/23 — There was a minor accident on Little Avenue. There was not enough damage to make a report.

8/23 — A Victor caller reported that her son had sent her photos of someone digging up her front yard. TCSO determined it was a maintenance worker looking for a water spigot.

8/23 — There was a report of goats loose in the road south of Driggs. A deputy was able to wrangle the goats back into their enclosure.

8/23 — Dispatch received a third party delayed report about a domestic disturbance that turned out to have been a miscommunication between the apparent victim and the reporting party.

8/24 — A woman stole a credit card in Driggs, used it to book a room at a local hotel, and ordered items off Amazon to be delivered to the hotel. The owner was made aware of the charges and the scammer was located.

8/25 — The victim of a fraud purchased $3,000 in Target gift cards. TCSO would like to remind residents: the sheriff’s office will never call and advise you that you have a warrant and ask you to pay money via gift cards; do not give out your credit card number to anyone suspicious; and if someone offers you something that’s too good to be true, there’s a high chance it’s not true.

8/26 — An officer assisted the county treasurer in serving papers to a household.

8/26 — The fire department received a call about a large burn on Bates Road. Units responded and advised the owners of the burn ban, and made them extinguish the fire.

8/26 — There was a landlord-tenant disturbance in Driggs. One party was given a courtesy ride to other accommodations.