There were 241 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between September 24 and September 30. Officers performed 62 traffic stops, three public assists, and 20 security checks of local businesses. There was one accident and no DUIs. Residents called in 18 controlled burns.

9/24 — There was a domestic disturbance between a man and a woman in Victor. Deputies responded and determined that no arrestable offenses had been committed. The parties were separated for the evening.

9/24 — A woman was given a civil protection order then broke windows of a residence she was moving out of. A report was taken for the malicious injury to property. When officers responded to the residence to serve the CPO and a move-out order, they discovered a marijuana pipe in the house. The woman was cited for possession of paraphernalia.

9/24 — A caller reported that kids were running around a Victor subdivision banging on doors and knocking over picnic tables. Deputies were unable to locate the juveniles responsible for the chaos.

9/25 — A woman reported being in a domestic dispute with her partner while traveling in a vehicle. The parties were later located at their residence. There had been no physical altercation but the woman was given information on the Family Safety Network and the man was separated from the home for the night.

9/25 — A caller reported custodial interference because woman was refusing to transfer their kids to his custody. TCSO is looking into possible statute violations.

9/25 — There was a fender bender in the Broulim’s parking lot. The parties exchanged insurance information.

9/26 — A caller reported that a dog had been tied to a vehicle and left overnight. A deputy found the dog and determined it wasn’t in distress. The owner was informed of the complaint and the dog was given food and water.

9/26 — A caller reported a missing wallet that was being traced to a Victor residence. Deputies responded and spoke to the people at the house. They allowed deputies to search the house, but no wallet was discovered. Information was gathered and given to the reporting party.

9/26 — Fremont County requested assistance in locating a vehicle that was known to have been involved in a bike theft and might have been entering Teton County via Highway 32. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

9/26 — A driver was pulled over in downtown Driggs for speeding. While interacting with the driver, the deputy observed an open container in the vehicle. The driver was cited.

9/27 — A caller said he had a verbal altercation with an ex when she refused to return his dog. The parties were separated for the evening and the man was advised to look into a civil protection order.

9/27 — A Driggs business reported a convoluted credit card fraud being perpetrated against the business and customers. The fraud is under investigation.

9/27 — There was a dispute between parents and school staff regarding mask requirements for students. The school district and parents will work out the conflict.

9/27 — A man called 911 and requested help. He was heavily intoxicated and seemed to be going through a rough patch in his life. Deputies made contact with his family, who said they would keep an eye on him.

9/28 — A caller reported mistakenly leaving a door unlocked at their storage unit. Two days later, items had gone missing from the unit. The theft is under investigation.

9/28 — A caller reported that a new property owner was target shooting on a neighboring property. Deputies made contact with the owner and determined the shooting area was safe and no action was required.

9/28 — The sheriff’s office received a report of someone possibly living in a storage unit. Deputies went to the unit and found the subject. She was advised that she needed to leave.

9/29 — A caller reported losing $500 from a bank account. The caller was advised to contact the branch where the fraudulent withdrawal had occurred. The case is under investigation.

9/29 — There was a report of a large bonfire on the side of the road going toward Teton Pass. Fire units responded and were unable to locate any fires in the area.

9/29 — A man trespassed another person from his Driggs property.

9/29 — A man who lived at the house where the woman had broken windows earlier in the week reported that he had found more paraphernalia and wished to turn it over to the sheriff’s office.

9/30 — A landlord requested that a report be taken for threats made by a tenant. After an investigation revealed that no actual threats of violence had been made, no report was taken.

9/30 — A caller reported that a couple was engaged in a verbal altercation. Deputies responded and spoke with the parties, who agreed to separate for the evening.