There were 267 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 16 and October 22. Officers performed 61 traffic stops, seven public assists, and 25 security checks of local businesses. There were six accidents and zero DUIs.

10/16 — A local storage company advised the sheriff’s office that someone had placed a boat in a vacant storage unit without permission. No information was available on the owner of the boat.

10/16 — There was a two-vehicle accident south of Driggs. The driver who caused the rear-end collision was cited for following too closely.

10/16 — There was a vehicle vs. moose collision near Driggs. The vehicle had to be towed and the moose was salvaged for meat.

10/17 — A caller reported that a truck had passed her on the highway and as it passed, a large rock hit her vehicle. The two parties exchanged insurance information.

10/18 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision outside of Tetonia. The car had to be towed.

10/18 — A caller from the animal shelter reported a dog that had been abandoned by its owners. The sheriff’s office advised the shelter of possible options.

10/18 — The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office reported that there was a Teton County-registered vehicle that had been parked at a trailhead for several days. TCSO attempted to contact the owner of the vehicle and spoke to a neighbor who said the owner was mountain biking and would return later that day.

10/18 — A caller reported he was having trouble with his car alarm. He eventually disabled the alarm.

10/18 — There was a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on the side of the road north of Victor with a possibly intoxicated occupant at 11 p.m. A deputy made contact with the occupant, who was not intoxicated and was merely waiting to go to work.

10/19 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision south of Driggs. The car had to be towed.

10/19 — A caller reported that individuals came into his home without permission and took furniture that he had been storing for another person. The actual ownership of the furniture is unclear and charges are pending that information.

10/19 — A caller reported that her ex-boyfriend had stolen her purse. Deputies made contact with him and he admitted to the crime. He was cited for petty theft and the possessions were returned to their owner.

10/19 — An employee at the animal shelter reported that a woman had called the business from a blocked number and aggressively threatened an employee. The sheriff’s office is currently investigating the threats.

10/19 — A Driggs caller reported that an intoxicated individual riding a bicycle was trespassing in the neighborhood. Officers were unable to locate the cyclist.

10/20 — A caller reported that prescription medicine had been stolen from a neighborhood mailbox. The theft is under investigation.

10/20 — A caller reported seeing smoke in the North Leigh area. The fire chief responded and did not find any smoke in the area.

10/20 — A driver passed a stopped school bus and was caught on video. The driver was located and cited for first offense stop arm violation.

10/20 — A Driggs caller reported that his wife had seen an individual at their house looking in a window. The person left and officers were unable to locate anyone suspicious in the area.

10/20 — A driver was pulled over on Highway 31 for speeding. The deputy detected the strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The driver admitted to drinking and spilling alcohol on himself, and showed the officer the open container on the floor of the passenger seat. He passed field sobriety tests and was cited for open container and given a warning for speeding.

10/21 — A high schooler was found to be selling tobacco products to students at the middle school. All involved parties were suspended and the seller was trespassed from the middle school.

10/21 — A Driggs caller complained that his neighbor had a very loud car with loud speakers. Deputies spoke with the reporting party, who wasn’t sure which neighbor it was. He was advised to call back if the nuisance occurred again.

10/22 — Cars at several houses in a Driggs neighborhood were gone through overnight by a burglar, and a firearm and miscellaneous items were stolen from one. The break-ins and theft is being investigated.

10/22 — Idaho Fish & Game received a report of someone shooting from the roadway on Old Jackson Highway and hitting an elk. The shooter was located and taken into custody on a Teton County warrant, and F&G took a report on the shooting violation.

10/22 — TCSO received two reports in one week from a Victor caller who was concerned that someone kept leaving water running in the bathroom of an apartment while no one was home. Investigations revealed zero indication of malicious intent.

10/22 — A Tetonia caller was concerned that someone was on her property causing her motion detector lights to come on. Deputies patrolled the area several times and were unable to locate anyone suspicious nearby.