There were 313 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 15 and October 21. Officers performed 84 traffic stops, six public assists, and 26 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents and three DUIs. Residents called in 36 controlled burns.

10/15 — A reporting party called in TCSO deputies to trespass an individual in Victor. When deputies arrived a dispute was ongoing between the two parties over roofing supplies and a payment for services dispute. No report was taken and the matter will be resolved in a civil matter between the two parties.

10/15 — An individual violated an NCO order in Driggs. The reporting party attested to a note left at their residence by the recipient of the NCO order. The incident is under investigation and a report was taken.

10/15 — Road rage turned aggressive on Highway 33 south of Victor after some hostile tailgating by a U-Haul driver. After both parties stopped and confronted each other, the driver of the U-Haul assaulted the reporting party. Attempts to locate the U-Haul truck and its driver have been unsuccessful so far.

10/16 — A reporting party advised deputies that her boyfriend was intoxicated and acting aggressively. Before the aggressions led to a physical altercation, deputies arrived and defused the situation. There was not enough evidence for an arrest so the two parties were advised to calm down and separate for a while.

10/16 — It was a bad week to be a deer in Teton Valley as the first of four vehicle vs deer accidents occurred near Tetonia. A report was taken for damage and no occupants were injured.

10/16 — A vicious dog on the loose in Victor attacked an individual who was protecting their chickens. Deputies arrived and took the dog to the animal shelter where it is under a 10-day quarantine to make sure that it is not carrying any infections or diseases. The reporting party was administered to at TVH and treated for minor wounds. The dog had no tags or collar.

10/16 — A group of individuals going to homeowners’ doors was trespassed. The individuals were soliciting residents for a snow removal service. Residents are encouraged to call deputies if they are seen soliciting again.

10/17 — Parents reported their son as a runaway after he failed to notify them about his whereabouts. The juvenile was located shortly thereafter at the family residence.

10/17 — Deputies were alerted to a domestic disturbance in Driggs. The individuals were advised to calm down even as the altercation never turned physical. The individuals were provided information on the Family Safety Network by deputies.

10/17 — A deer vs vehicle collision was reported to deputies who responded to the call outside of Driggs. Minor damage was sustained but not enough for a report. The driver was unharmed.

10/18 — A fire was reported by multiple callers to a residence in Victor. The fire occurred in a neighbor’s driveway after rags soaked in wood staining products ignited in a scrap wood trailer. Fire crews extinguished the fire and no damage was done to adjacent structures. Fire crews advised the individuals about proper storage and care.

10/18 — Deputies carried out an arrest warrant out of Bingham County. The female subject was apprehended after a traffic stop and was taken to Madison County Jail and extradited on charges for failing to appear in court.

10/18 — Deputies responded to a call about a domestic disturbance. The reporting party advised that there was a violent individual and an altercation had turned physical. The offending subject was cited for domestic battery in the presence of a child and the two parties were separated. The charges were not severe enough for a full arrest.

10/19 — A couple of calls from concerned residents were relayed to deputies as a result of a perceived domestic disturbance. The incident between a male and a female never turned physical and the nature of their relationship defined the incident as non-domestic. The victim did not press charges and one of the individuals was given a courtesy ride to a hotel where they spent the night.

10/19 — A vehicle vs deer collision was reported outside of Victor. The vehicle was drivable although a report was necessary for the damages sustained. The occupant of the vehicle was uninjured.

10/19 — An individual violated the terms of his probation and was taken into custody by the probation officer. After a discussion with a judge, the individual was released.

10/19 — Teton County dispatch staff observed a smoky odor in the dispatch office and alerted Teton County Fire to the source of the smoke. It was deemed to be an erroneously reported controlled burn. The individual conducting the burn was advised of proper procedure and notification when administering a controlled burn.

10/19 — A driver was pulled over at the western edge of Teton Pass for a moving violation. The subject refused a breath test but relented after advice from deputies. The male out-of-state driver was cited for excessive DUI after blowing nearly three times the legal limit. He was taken into the Teton County Law Enforcement Center, booked, and released.

10/20 — Another vehicle vs deer accident was responded to by deputies. A damage report was taken and the driver did not sustain any injuries.

10/20 — An individual with a history of mental health issues was involved in four separate unlawful entry calls that deputies responded to. The first incident occurred at a real estate office when the individual stated to deputies he was just “showing up for work.” The property owner came and denied the individual’s statement but declined to press charges however did trespass the individual. The individual moved on to three other properties near hangars at the airport where some of the property owners did wish to press charges. The individual was cited for unlawful entry.

10/20 — Deputies responded to a distressed caller at the Teton County Transfer Station who was receiving verbal abuse from an individual. The offending subject became angry after repeated solicitations were denied by the reporting party. The individual then began banging on the reporting party’s truck. No charges were pressed but information was collected.

10/20 — A particularly eventful DUI response was initiated by TCSO deputies in downtown Victor. The reporting party stated that he and his wife were almost run over by the offending male driver. The driver then pulled into the West Side Yard parking lot and proceeded to pull a handgun and point it at the reporting party. He then walked into the West Side Yard establishment where deputies located and arrested him. After locating the firearm, deputies searched the individual and found a small amount of marijuana and a piece of paraphernalia. After blowing well above the legal limit, the individual was cited with five different misdemeanors: DUI, possession of a concealed weapon while intoxicated, pointing a firearm at another individual, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of paraphernalia.

10/21 — Not nearly as eventful as the last, a driver was cited for DUI in downtown Driggs after being pulled over for speeding. After failing field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests, the 26-year-old out-of-state resident was cited for first offense DUI and open container.