There were 285 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 9 and October 15. Officers performed 86 traffic stops, three public assists, and 28 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents and two DUIs.

Since we missed last week’s sheriff’s log, this includes a few calls from that time period as well.

10/4 — A caller who was visiting the area reported that he was having trouble finding his brother in Victor after he had left the Knotty Pine on foot. He soon called back to say he had found his brother.

10/5 — A caller reported hearing neighbors fighting loudly. One individual was taken into custody for felony domestic battery and transported to Madison County Jail.

10/6 — There was a report of a man kicking a vehicle on the side of the road at the intersection of Highway 32 and 33. He had left the area by the time a deputy arrived.

10/8 — A juvenile reported to a family friend that he had been choked by his father. Officers responded to the house and took one parent into custody for felony injury to child and the other parent into custody for misdemeanor injury to child. Paraphernalia and controlled substances were seized from the house after officers received a search warrant. The children were placed in temporary housing.

10/9 — A resident of Idaho Falls was pulled over for running a stop sign on North Leigh Creek Road and swerving over the center line. He failed field sobriety tests and the officer found open containers, a white powdery substance, and paraphernalia in the vehicle. He was taken into custody for DUI and other charges pending lab testing of the substance.

10/9 — There was a five-vehicle accident on Highway 33 at 5500S when a driver ran into a line of vehicles waiting for a car to turn left and caused a chain reaction of collisions. The driver who caused the accident was cited for following too closely.

10/9 — A Driggs caller reported that he had heard a single shot from what sounded like a high caliber firearm. The information was passed on to the deputy on patrol.

10/9 — A Tetonia caller wished to press charges after a neighborhood dog had chased her horses around and nipped at their heels. The owner received a misdemeanor citation for vicious dog.

10/9 — A caller reported concern over his daughter’s safety. The concern was documented.

10/9 — One vehicle backed into another on Main Street in Driggs. The owners exchanged insurance information.

10/9 — Dispatch received an automated business alarm from St. Anthony. The call was transferred to Fremont County.

10/9 — Dispatch received a 911 call with strange background sounds. Deputies responded to the location and located the individual who owned the phone. The call had been an accident and the individual was fine.

10/10 — A Tetonia resident was pulled over in town for speeding and failed field sobriety tests. He was cited for first offense DUI, open container, and speeding, and received a verbal warning for minor in possession of alcohol.

10/10 — A caller at a Driggs gas station reported that his bike had been stolen. While a deputy was dispatched, the caller hung up and left the business. The cashier had no further information on the incident.

10/10 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision on Highway 32.

10/11 — A caller reported that her daughter had gotten upset and locked her out of her car. A deputy made contact with the individuals. The daughter eventually unlocked the car.

10/12 — A caller wanted to trespass her ex from her property. The trespass notice was issued and she was given information on getting a civil stand-by.

10/12 — The Lehi Police Department out of Utah requested that TCSO perform a welfare check on a driver with a white Mercedes wagon if the person passed through Teton County. No contact has been made with the individual yet.

10/12 — A caller reported that a tree and a bush were on fire up Darby Canyon. It was a controlled burn.

10/13 — There was a fender-bender on Highway 33 near Driggs. A report was taken.

10/13 — A driver was pulled over at 7000S for speeding and taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

10/14 — A Victor caller reported that he was trying to get two people to leave his residence, but he refused to share any details. He then said they had left and he no longer needed deputy assistance, and did not give his address, but officers located his house. He then advised them that a physical altercation had occurred and he had been hit in the face but provided no further information.

10/14 — A caller reported a hit and run accident in downtown Victor, but then revealed being upset about tailgating and said there may not have actually been any collision.

10/14 — A caller reported that a woman was outside a house screaming in the driveway. Deputies responded and determined it was a custodial disagreement over a child.

10/15 — A caller reported that a man had tried to enter her car when she left work. She had no more information on the suspect but was advised to call back if anything else occurred. A special patrol was set in the area of her workplace.

10/15 — Officers assisted in traffic control for a house that was being moved up Pine Creek Pass.

10/15 — A custodian at Teton High School found a small amount of marijuana in a glass container in the parking lot of the school. It was seized for destruction.