There were 262 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 8 and October 14. Officers performed 48 traffic stops, six public assists, and 38 security checks of local businesses. There were five accidents, five slide-offs, and zero DUIs. Residents called in 47 controlled burns.

10/8 — The sheriff’s office responded to a civil issue when a tenant tried to return to a house she had been evicted and trespassed from to pick up possessions. The individual was told not to return to the property but to instead go through civil action to receive her belongings.

10/8 — A caller reported receiving threats from an online scammer who was posing as a law enforcement officer with a warrant out for the caller’s arrest. No funds had been paid to the scammer so no fraud case was opened.

10/8 — A person was arrested on a Teton County warrant for drug trafficking and transported to Madison County Jail.

10/8 — Family Safety Network forwarded a case to the sheriff’s office in which the subject believed that someone may have unsuccessfully attempted to drug her. The sheriff’s office is investigating what charges could be brought against the suspect.

10/9 — There was a one-vehicle rollover near the Bonneville County line on Highway 31. None of the three occupants were injured but the car had to be towed. The driver was cited for driving too fast for conditions and for consuming alcohol as a minor.

10/9 — See N Save reported that an outbuilding had been vandalized. Deputies found evidence and were able to identify two of the three juveniles responsible. They were served juvenile petitions and their parents were notified.

10/9 — A caller reported hearing a possible domestic disturbance happening in a neighboring apartment. The couple was not at home when deputies responded but were later located at a different address. There were no signs of a physical altercation but the man was advised not to return to the apartment.

10/9 — Dispatch received a 911 call from an address with a prior history of domestic disturbances. Deputies responded and determined that it had been an accidental dial.

10/11 — A Tetonia caller reported several trespassing issues, which are currently under investigation.

10/11 — A caller reported that his brother had gone fly-fishing and had not yet returned. As Search & Rescue was about to mobilize, the family called back to say the man had arrived home safely.

10/11 — A Driggs caller reported that there was an open manhole cover in Valley Centre. A deputy located and closed the manhole.

10/11 — Deputies responded to five slide-offs on Highway 33 within two hours on Monday evening. No one was injured but some vehicles had to be removed.

10/12 — A caller reported that two or three kids were throwing items at cars north of Driggs. A deputy located them and gave them a stern talking-to about the danger of their actions.

10/12 — An individual who was friends with a person who had been recently evicted was sending harassing text messages to the person’s former landlord. The reporting party was advised to block the number and report further attempts at contact.

10/13 — A caller reported that a semi-truck made a U-turn in front of them north of Driggs, forcing them to drive off the road and causing vehicular damage. The incident was documented.

10/13 — Middle school staff requested that deputies take a report on bullying at the school. The case is under investigation.

10/13 — A caller reported that someone was illegally dumping household trash at a Driggs gas station. The sheriff’s office is working to identify the suspect.

10/13 — There was a vehicle vs. baby moose collision south of Driggs. The car left the scene of the accident and a deputy located and dispatched the moose.

10/14 — At 3 a.m. a Driggs caller reported that a neighbor’s outside lights were turning on and off erratically. Deputies arrived and found no one in the area, and observed the motion sensor lights being activated by mysterious forces.

10/14 — A caller reported that he hadn’t heard back from his girlfriend who was supposed to be camping in Utah. TCSO made contact with local authorities in an attempt to locate the missing person. The next day she was found safe, but she was not pleased to have been called in as a missing person.

10/14 — A caller reported that a man was attempting to break into their residence. Deputies located the man, who confirmed that he had indeed attempted to enter the home, but he didn’t appear to have malicious intent. He was cited with unlawful entry.

10/14 — A deputy spotted a driver in Driggs who was known to have a suspended license. The man was pulled over and cited for driving without privileges.

10/14 — A school board candidate’s campaign sign went missing outside of Driggs. The sheriff located the vehicle of the suspects, pulled them over, and retrieved the sign. Apparently the college-aged petty thieves found the sign terribly amusing for some reason. The candidate graciously declined to press any charges.

10/14 — An individual was taken into custody for stealing funds from his employer through check fraud.

10/14 — A caller observed someone attempting to load a deer carcass into a truck in downtown Tetonia and reported what looked to be a possible poaching. The Idaho Fish & Game conservation officer was notified.