There were 233 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 1 and October 7. Officers performed 52 traffic stops, one public assist, and 12 security checks of local businesses. There were five accidents and one DUI. Residents called in 30 controlled burns.

10/1 — In the first of three fender benders at the high school from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, a driver backed into a light pole in the parking lot. The light pole did not tip over. A report was taken for damage to the property.

10/1 — A group of juveniles was found to be causing vandalism at Teton Creek Resort. The juveniles were caught after tagging buildings with spray paint and breaking windows. A civil clean-up agreement was reached.

10/1 — An individual reported to the sheriff’s office that a car had been vandalized with a sharpie marker and property had been stolen from a residence. The offending individual turned out to have a warrant out for their arrest and was apprehended. The offender was bonded out and an investigation into the property theft is ongoing.

10/2 — An individual walking along the shoulder of Highway 33 was picked up and given a courtesy ride to his destination in Victor by deputies. The sheriff’s office would like to pass on a reminder that there is a paved pathway 20 yards off of the highway between Victor and Driggs.

10/2 — A car in the Broulim’s parking lot was vandalized with a sharpie marker while the reporting party took care of some shopping. Footage of the incident is being pulled from security cameras and will be investigated further.

10/2 — A driver was pulled over outside of Driggs for erratic driving and was cited for second offense DUI. Upon a search of the vehicle, deputies found an open container. A further look into the driver’s record resulted in a third offense of driving with a suspended license. The driver was taken into custody.

10/2 — A 911 call led deputies to a report of a domestic disturbance outside of a Driggs home. The incident occurred at a transfer of child custody between the two parties. The confrontation didn’t turn physical and parties were advised to conduct the transfer of child custody at a neutral location, such as in front of the law enforcement center.

10/3 — Theft was reported at a hotel room in Driggs. The offending individual made off with some jewelry. A report was taken and the incident is under investigation.

10/4 — A fender bender was reported near Barrels and Bins in Driggs. There was only minor damage, and the drivers exchanged information.

10/5 — An accident at the high school saw one student get cited for following too closely. A deputy took a report of the scene, but there was not enough damage for a state report.

10/5 — A motorist called in for an assist when a vehicle ran out of gas on Highway 33 near Tetonia. Upon the assist, the deputy found probable cause to search the vehicle. He then located drug paraphernalia and a small amount of meth. The driver was cited for possession of a controlled substance and taken into custody. The vehicle was towed and the individual bonded out.

10/5 — There was kicking and screaming at a soccer game in Victor. An official was the victim of battery after a parent kicked him. The subject left in a vehicle and was later located by deputies at his residence. A report was taken and forwarded to the prosecutor.

10/6 — A deer vs vehicle collision occurred on Pine Creek Pass outside of Victor. Only minor damage occurred and the deer ran off into the woods.

10/7 — A NCO agreement was violated at the high school when an individual sent videos over the internet to another. The incident is under investigation, and a report will be forwarded to the prosecutor.

10/7 — A successful warrant arrest was carried out by TCSO deputies in Victor. The individual was taken in on charges of fraud after they were found to be forging checks through their place of employment and cashing them. The individual was served a trespass order from the establishment and their employment was terminated in addition to the charges.

10/7 — A fire was reported outside of Driggs. The fire was a controlled burn that the resident neglected to inform deputies about. The fire was deemed safe and the individual was reminded how to call in a controlled burn.

10/7 — Another accident was reported at the high school. A report was taken and only minor damage occurred.

10/7 — A disorderly patron was kicked out of Dave’s Pubb in Tetonia and served a trespass order. The individual was given a courtesy ride home.