There were 288 calls for service reported to the Teton County Sheriff’s Office between October 22 and October 28. Officers performed 62 traffic stops, seven public assists, and 33 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents and two DUIs. Residents called in 39 controlled burns.

10/22 — A caller reported seeing tombstones sitting on a property that was not a cemetery on Stateline Road. The caller was concerned that someone may have defaced a grave site. The caller was asked if they were holiday decorations and confirmed they were not. Deputies checked on the tombstones, which were real stone, and observed they may have been made to mark the graves of pets, judging from the single names, short lifespans, and epitaphs such as “A Great Ride.” The property owner was advised of the concern and no action was taken.

10/22 — A vehicle hit and killed a black bear cub on Highway 33 near Teton Pass. Idaho Fish & Game was notified.

10/22 — A caller reported a large fire in Tetonia. Units arrived and determined it was an unpermitted controlled burn. The fire was extinguished and the owner was advised of proper permitting protocol.

10/22 — There was a report of an attempted burglary at a Driggs business. Officers obtained images of the vehicle involved at the scene and the case is current under investigation.

10/22 — There was a report of an individual spotlighting deer on Bates Road. Deputies were unable to locate the individual.

10/23 — A deputy stopped to assist a motorist on the side of the road north of Victor and detected the odor of alcohol. The driver failed field sobriety tests, was booked for DUI, and was given a courtesy ride to his residence.

10/23 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision on Pine Creek Pass outside of Teton County. Bonneville County was notified of the accident.

10/23 — A caller reported having ongoing issues and disagreements with a former employee. A deputy spoke to the involved parties and determined their interactions didn’t meet the statutory requirements for harassment.

10/23 — An anonymous caller was concerned about a neighbor using firearms on an adjacent property. Deputies check the area and didn’t see any sign of shooting.

10/23 — A caller requested to speak to a deputy about verbal altercations with a neighbor regarding trash, dog waste, and other issues. The caller was given resources to seek a civil solution.

10/23 — A 911 caller requested a Spanish speaker, then hung up. Dispatch was unable to make contact with the caller. Deputies checked the location the call came from but were unable to find any sign of an emergency.

10/23 — A caller reported a reckless driver. Deputies located the driver and pulled him over in downtown Driggs. He was taken into custody for first offense DUI, open container, and failure to register his vehicle or provide proof of insurance.

10/23 — A caller reported a fight in progress. Deputies arrived at the address and spoke with the individual who had started the fight. Alcohol appeared to be a major factor. The involved parties were separated for the night and no charges were filed for the mutual buffoonery.

10/24 — Spouses called the sheriff’s office at the same time to report a heated domestic disagreement. Deputies responded and found no sign of a physical altercation. Neither spouse wished to vacate the premises but they said they would separate to different parts of the house for the night.

10/24 — A caller reported seeing a seemingly intoxicated person drive to a Victor bar and go inside. Dispatch requested that the reporting party call back if the individual drove away. No further calls were received.

10/25 — A driver was sideswiped while turning right onto Little Ave from Main St. The involved parties exchanged insurance information.

10/25 — Deputies responded to an ongoing dispute between neighbors over property access and fencing. No charges were filed.

10/25 — TCSO received a report from the Jackson Police Department about the possible sexual battery of a juvenile in Teton County. The case is under investigation.

10/25 — A customer at a Driggs tire store had new tires installed then drove away without paying, claiming to need to go to an ATM to get money to pay for the tires. The business was later contacted by the individual, who made an arrangement to pay for the tires.

10/25 — An individual was being blackmailed by someone who threatened to release embarrassing information about them unless given money. Deputies advised the victim to stop responding to the blackmailer.

10/26 — A construction truck lost tools and material off the bed of a trailer on Highway 31. TCSO left a message for the individual believed to be the owner of the truck.

10/27 — There was a two-vehicle accident on Aspen St in Victor. The drivers exchanged insurance information.

10/27 — A Tetonia caller reported that a stranger in a green Subaru pulled into their driveway, took some notes, then drove away.

10/27 — Dispatch received a report that a construction crew may have hit a gas line. While fire units were responding, the project manager called back to report that it was actually a golf course sprinkler line. Units confirmed it was a water line.

10/27 — A caller was concerned that an individual was building without a proper county permit. The call was forwarded to the county building department.

10/27 — A caller reported seeing a woman who seemed upset walking next to the highway in the borrow pit. Officers were unable to locate the person.

10/27 — A deputy pulled over a driver in downtown Victor for having no front license plate. The officer detected the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle, and the driver admitted to having smoked a joint an hour prior. A search of the vehicle yielded a controlled substance and paraphernalia. The driver was cited.

10/28 — A caller reported vandalism of a vulgar nature at the Driggs Transit Center. The case is under investigation.

10/28 — Deputies assisted Forest Service units in Felt and issued three citations against an individual for illegal dumping of animal carcasses.

10/28 — A caller reported that her sister’s boyfriend had attacked her. The man was taken into custody for domestic battery and was found to be a sex offender who hadn’t properly registered his address. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

10/28 — Child Protective Services forwarded a report of a girl who was suffering from a medical condition possibly caused by neglect by a caretaker. The case is under investigation.

10/28 — A caller reported that their car window had been smashed while the car was parked in downtown Driggs. The incident was documented.