11/12 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in Tetonia. The vehicle did not sustain damage and the deer could not be located.

11/12 — A Victor caller reported hearing a possible domestic disturbance at a neighboring residence. Deputies arrived on scene and found disorderly kids being yelled at by a parent. There was no sign of distress or abuse in the household.

11/12 — A caller said her ex-boyfriend was showing up at her residence and bothering her. She was advised on how to seek a civil protection order and given information for the Family Safety Network.

11/13 — A driver was pulled over for speeding south of Driggs and was found to be impaired. She was cited for first offense DUI and her car had to be parked for the night. The other intoxicated occupants had to get a taxi ride home.

11/13 — Teton County, Wyoming took a man into custody on a Teton County, Idaho felony warrant for probation violation. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

11/13 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a deactivated cell phone. The caller said he had found the strange phone in his car and didn’t know how it got there. Nothing appeared to be missing. When asked if he wanted officers to come investigate the break-in, he hung up and left the area.

11/13 — A man who had been served a trespass notice from Dave’s Pubb returned to the bar. Deputies went to his residence afterward and served him a citation for violating a trespass notice.

11/14 — There was a vehicle vs. cow collision south of Driggs. The cow was deceased and the car was damaged. The cow’s owner was notified.

11/14 — A Tetonia caller reported hearing gun shots in the area. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the sound.

11/14 — There was another vehicle vs. cow collision outside of Victor on Highway 31. Deputies were unable to locate the cow.

11/14 — As required by law, Teton Valley Hospital reported a patient who had been admitted with an animal bite. The patient had been bitten by his own cat and did not wish to press charges.

11/15 — A caller from Grand Teton Brewing reported that illegal dumping had occurred at the business. The suspect’s name and address was present on the garbage. Clearly the suspect had not read last week’s sheriff’s log.

11/15 — A caller reported seeing a woman at a Tetonia river access site who appeared to be distressed. Officers located her and found that she was upset after an argument and needed to walk around and decompress before returning home.

11/16 — After a strong wind event, a caller reported that a stray trampoline had damaged their house, yard, vehicle, and basketball hoop. The owner of the errant equipment was located.

11/16 — A parent advised that their juvenile had been receiving inappropriate text messages, possibly as part of a scam. A report was taken.

11/16 — Dispatch received a report of a large fire at a Tetonia residence. The caller was able to extinguish the fire before units arrived on scene.

11/17 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision outside of Victor.

11/17 — There was a two-vehicle accident north of Victor. No one involved sustained injuries. A report was taken for damage to the vehicles.

11/17 — Teton Valley Health notified the sheriff’s office of another pet-inflicted bite to a patient. No report was necessary.

11/18 — A juvenile received a citation for malicious injury to property after being caught writing “poop” all over the high school in permanent marker.

11/18 — A child repeatedly texted 911 but there was no incident to report.