There were 206 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between November 6 and November 12. Officers performed 30 traffic stops and 18 security checks of local businesses. There were two DUIs, five accidents, and six slide-offs. The sheriff’s office would like to remind drivers to slow down during winter storms and icy conditions and to avoid unnecessary travel when the roads are bad.

11/6 — A caller reported that her ex had battered her but not caused serious injury and she was attempting to make him leave. Deputies arrived and the suspect fled. An arrest warrant was issued and he was later located and taken into custody. He was also issued a no contact order.

11/6 — A man arrived at the same residence in the middle of the domestic battery investigation. He said he was delivering a package to his friends but his speech was hard to understand. He was questioned, then failed field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit. He was taken into custody for DUI.

11/6 — There was a small brush fire near the road in Tetonia. Fire units responded and extinguished it.

11/6 — There was a truck vs. fence collision near the intersection of Baseline and Highway 33 in Victor. The truck went into the creekbed. One occupant was transported to the hospital and the truck was towed. A report was taken for the damage.

11/6 — A caller said he believed a vehicle had struck the building he lives in. Officers responded and could find no sign of damage.

11/7 — A Bonneville County resident threatened to take his own life with a gun then drove to a location in Teton County near Pine Creek Campground. He did not wish to speak to law enforcement or anyone else so officers kept an eye on him. He later said he felt better and left the area, then met up with his family and was voluntarily committed to a mental health facility.

11/7 — A driver was pulled over south of Driggs for driving after dark without his taillights on. He showed signs of impairment, failed field sobriety tests, and was taken into custody for DUI.

11/10 — During a traffic stop near Victor City Hall, a man was taken into custody on a Teton County warrant for domestic battery.

11/10 — A driver was pulled over for inattentive driving and possibly DUI. He had a Teton County warrant for failure to appear in court on a previous DUI charge. He was not actually intoxicated but was booked and released on the warrant.

11/10 — There was a series of three two-vehicle accidents on the highway south of Driggs between 4:25 and 4:45 p.m. because of icy conditions. There were no injuries but there was some minor damage to the vehicles.

11/11 — A caller reported that their brother-in-law had broken into a bedroom, causing damage to the door. He was located and issued a trespass notice from the property but the victim did not wish to press charges for the property damage.

11/11 — A caller reported that she was concerned because there was someone living in a camper at Big Eddy and she hadn’t seen the person around in several days. Deputies went to the location and found no one in the camper.

11/11 — There was a semi blocking the road completely on Pine Creek Pass over the county line in Bonneville County. Teton County deputies responded and assisted with traffic.

11/12 — A caller reported a large, smoky fire in Tetonia. Units located the fire and found that it was a controlled burn.

11/12 — A girl was bitten by a dog in Victor. The dog’s owner was located and given a written warning for dog at large.

11/12 — A caller requested deputy assistance because she was being threatened by a significant other after a recent separation. He was located and appeared to be heavily intoxicated, but no arrests were made. She left the residence for the night and was given information on Family Safety Network and how to pursue a civil protection order.

11/12 — A caller reported hearing neighbors yelling and throwing things. Deputies arrived and took a man into custody for attempted strangulation of his wife. He was transported to Madison County Jail. The woman requested deputy assistance because she was considering self-harm, so an officer responded and spoke with her extensively before clearing the scene.