This week’s Sheriff’s Log is a two-part edition to make up for last week’s absence. You can also find the week of 11/5-11/11 below.

There were 262 calls for service reported to the Teton County Sheriff’s Office between October 29 and November 4. Officers performed 65 traffic stops, five public assists, and 34 security checks of local businesses. There were five accidents and one DUI. Residents called in 51 controlled burns.

10/29 — A vehicle reported stolen out of Utah was located by deputies in Teton County. The vehicle was seized and recovered. The car’s owner was notified and is in the process of figuring out what their next steps are. Authorities are still investigating the car’s theft and are looking for a suspect.

10/29 — Deputies received a report of a driver who had hit a pole on Old Jackson Highway southeast of Victor. The driver sustained minor injuries and had to be admitted to Teton Valley Hospital. There, deputies obtained a warrant for a blood draw and determined the driver was under the influence at the time of the incident. The Victor resident was cited for DUI and released.

10/31 — The only unusual call this Halloween came after a report of a hiker’s girlfriend who suffered a medical emergency on Rocky Peak Trail. The hiker suffered a seizure which led to a collapse. Teton County Search and Rescue quickly responded and determined an Air Idaho helicopter was needed to get her to TVH. She was reported to be in stable condition.

11/1 — A domestic disturbance was reported to deputies after neighbors were heard to be throwing objects and yelling. TCSO deputies arrived and found a verbal altercation. Family Safety Network information was passed along to both parties.

11/3 — A scary three-way collision occurred on Highway 33 north of Driggs. The first vehicle was headed northbound, stopped, and prepared to take a left turn to exit the highway. This vehicle was struck from behind, which caused a third vehicle to sandwich the second vehicle and complete the chain of events. Luckily, everyone survived, but all were taken to TVH with varying degrees of injuries. All are in stable condition and no citations have been issued at this time. The highway was limited to one lane travel for approximately an hour.

11/3 — A vehicle struck a cow outside of Driggs. Deputies arrived to find the owner of the cow exchanging information with the driver. They decided to settle the matter civilly.

11/4 — A vehicle was stopped in Victor for a moving violation. Deputies saw cause to search the vehicle and came up with a small amount of marijuana. The driver, a 24-year-old Texas resident, was cited and released.

There were 332 calls for service reported to the Teton County Sheriff’s Office between November 5 and November 11. Officers performed 118 traffic stops, four public assists, and 39 security checks of local businesses. There were five accidents and one DUI. Residents called in 37 controlled burns.

11/5 — Hwy 33 saw its second major accident in three days when a driver ran a stop sign and was struck in a T-bone collision with a vehicle traveling on the highway. All three occupants involved were transported to TVH and were reported to be in stable condition. The driver of the first vehicle was cited for running a stop sign, and all involved vehicles were towed away.

11/5 — A report of a car stolen from the parking lot of TVH in Driggs was brushed off when the owner of the vehicle found it in a different part of the lot shortly before deputies arrived.

11/5 — A California man was cited for three different misdemeanors when TCSO deputies pulled him over for speeding. A controlled substance was observed in plain sight, which gave deputies (ample) reason to search the vehicle. When the search was completed they also found paraphernalia and an open container. The subject was cited and released.

11/6 — In one of the more unusual calls of the year, an intoxicated Tetonia man had not only TCSO deputies but also medical responders and Teton County SAR alerted to his antics. An ambulance was called by the reporting party who found the individual (a friend of the caller) laid up and passed out in the ditch next to the road in Tetonia. As deputies arrived, the man suddenly regained consciousness and fled from deputies and medical personnel. Teton County SAR was notified to help locate the individual who had run off into the night. Before SAR could mobilize, the individual was located by the reporting party and taken home to “sober up.” No citations were issued in the incident.

11/6 — An intoxicated male was accosting bartenders at West Side Yard in Victor. He was refusing to leave, and deputies responded to the incident. The individual shaped up fast however and left before deputies could arrive on the scene and locate him.

11/8 — A fender bender occurred around 8 a.m. at Teton Middle School. No injuries were reported and no pedestrians were involved. A report was taken for damages.

11/8 — In a vehicle vs deer collision outside Victor, a van was deemed a complete loss and towed away. The occupants were not injured and a report was taken for the damage.

11/8 — Deputies used quite the detective skills when responding to a report of illegal dumping in Victor. A subject was found to have been dumping cardboard boxes and sections of a couch in a construction site dumpster. When deputies arrived they determined a prime suspect when mailing addresses were left on some of the boxes. Deputies have been unable to locate the suspected individual but a citation is looming.

11/10 — A concerned Tetonia resident reported to deputies that their significant other was displaying signs of stalking and harassment, along with other manipulative behavior. Deputies responded and the incident is under investigation to determine what actions can be taken.

11/11 — Make a wish! A driver outside of Tetonia might have wanted to wish for some snow tires after a rental car rolled at the intersection of Hwy 32/33 north of town. There were no injuries, but the driver did take out a stop sign and had the vehicle towed away. The weather was a contributing factor in the single-vehicle accident. A report was taken.

11/11 — Five minutes after the above call, a similar one-vehicle rollover happened on the opposite side of the valley on Hwy 31 west of Victor. The driver refused medical transportation but did end up being checked into TVH. A report was taken and the vehicle was towed away. Weather was determined to be a contributing factor.

11/11 — An individual was cited for DUI on Bates Road outside of Driggs. The driver, whose pickup was in a ditch, blew almost three times the legal limit. The driver was also found to have a controlled substance and an open container in the vehicle. He was cited and released. A report was taken for damage to the truck.