There were 266 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between October 30 and November 5. Officers performed 38 traffic stops, two public assists, and 34 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents and zero DUIs.

10/30 — A Victor caller reported an unattended fire. Units arrived and extinguished it.

10/30 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident in Tetonia. A report was taken.

10/30 — The Idaho Fish & Game conservation officer reported that individuals were spotlighting wildlife in Tetonia. Deputies located them and found that they did not have firearms. No citations were given.

10/30 — Deputies responded to a call about a family argument. It was a verbal altercation and the husband left the residence for the evening.

10/31 — A Driggs caller reported that her vehicle had been taken without her knowledge. She later called back to say it had been returned.

10/31 — There was a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 33 and 4500S when a semi-truck clipped an Audi. There was only minor damage to the vehicles and the owners exchanged insurance information.

10/31 — There was a report of individuals fighting in a house. Deputies arrived and cited the man for domestic battery. He was separated from the rest of the family for the night.

10/31 — A caller reported that a family member had been drinking for several days in a row and had left the residence on foot. Deputies located him and ensured that he returned safely to his home.

11/1 — A mountain bike was stolen in Driggs. The theft is under investigation.

11/1 — A caller reported that when he returned to his car parked in Tetonia, the gas tank cap was off and all the gas had been siphoned from the tank. The case is under investigation.

11/1 — A caller requested deputy assistance in an argument between a couple. They were going through divorce proceedings. The man agreed to separate himself for the evening.

11/2 — A Driggs caller wanted it documented that Democratic campaign signs on his property and other properties had been removed.

11/2 — A caller reported that she had opened a spam email and disclosed her social security number and credit card information. No fraudulent activity had yet occurred and she was advised to inform her bank and credit reporting bureaus.

11/2 — A boy was bitten by a dog while hiking in Horseshoe Canyon. The parent didn’t want to press charges but wanted the incident documented.

11/2 — A caller was concerned after receiving a text from a family member who said she wanted to end her life. Deputies responded to her residence and found friends already on scene checking on her welfare. The officers determined no further action was needed.

11/3 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a child. Deputies responded to the residence and found that everything was fine and the kids were doing school work.

11/3 — Neighbors had a dispute about a loose dog that had killed a chicken. There was no physical altercation. A deputy gave the dog’s owner a written warning for dog at large.

11/3 — There was a landlord-tenant dispute about power that had been shut off. Deputies spoke with the reporting party and informed him that it was a civil matter.

11/3 — Employees at a Victor gas station noticed two men outside looking into the business after it was closed. They also heard noises coming from behind the store. Deputies responded and found no one in the area and no sign of forced entry. The employees left safely.

11/4 — A vehicle slid off the road down a steep embankment up Darby Canyon. A report was taken by Teton County, Wyoming, and Idaho officers assisted at the scene.

11/4 — One vehicle rear-ended another on the frontage road south of Driggs. There were no injuries or citations.

11/5 — A caller reported a roommate who was acting oddly, staring out the door, and exhibiting other strange behaviors. His parents were contacted and they transported him to the hospital.

11/5 — A Driggs caller reported that a neighbor had stolen some firewood from his house. There were tracks in the snow on the property but deputies were unable to determine if they were human or animal prints. The resident said he would set up a surveillance system.

11/5 — A caller was concerned that some livestock in Tetonia were being neglected. Deputies checked on the herd and determined the animals were healthy but running low on food and contacted the owner.

11/5 — A Broulim’s employee reported that a woman was yelling and accusing him of following her around the store. She then left. The store manager is looking into a trespass notice.