There were 232 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between April 24 and April 30. Deputies performed 22 traffic stops and 51 security checks of local businesses. Residents called in 50 controlled burns. There were zero DUIs and three accidents.

4/24 — A Tetonia caller reported hearing gunshots. Deputies responded and found an individual safely target shooting in the neighborhood.

4/24 — A driver hit a cyclist while pulling into the post office parking lot in Driggs. Officers and EMTs responded but the cyclist declined ambulance transport. A report was taken.

4/24 — A caller reported that there were individuals on the side of the highway outside of Tetonia. A deputy made contact and learned the group was checking out a deer carcass because a member of their party, a young girl, was interested in looking at the bones and remains.

4/24 — A deputy observed a parked car on a remote part of Stateline Road. The two occupants of the car said they would be moving along shortly.

4/25 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in Tetonia.

4/25 — A woman reported that her spouse had assaulted her. Deputies responded and interviewed both parties. They were unable to establish who was the primary aggressor and no charges were made. The victim admitted to self harm and went to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation, and was later transported to the Behavioral Health Center.

4/25 — A Tetonia caller reported seeing a moose in the area.

4/26 — A shed caught fire in Tetonia. Fire units responded and extinguished the flames.

4/26 — Teton County officers assisted Idaho State Police with a traffic stop.

4/27 — There was a vehicle vs. moose collision on Bates Road. A report was taken for damage to the vehicle.

4/27 — A driver was pulled over for speeding north of Victor. A paraphernalia item with traces of white powdery residue, presumed to be methamphetamine, was found in her vehicle. She was cited and released for felony possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

4/27 — A caller reported that their social security number had been stolen and used in multiple instances. The victim had determined the suspect’s name based on several credit applications. The identity theft is under investigation.

4/27 — The Teton County, Wyoming Sheriff’s Office forwarded a report of harassment and stalking. The victim said a neighbor had been causing trouble for the last couple of years and the situation appeared to be escalating. Deputies documented the behavior and gave the victim information on getting a civil protection order.

4/27 — A Driggs caller reported a suspicious person on the lawn attempting to look in the windows of the house. Deputies made contact with the person who said he was only walking past. The reporting party was told to call back if the individual returned.

4/27 — A woman called 911 to report a man who was causing a disturbance. Deputies arrived and determined it had been a verbal altercation between exes that started when the man came to pick up items from the residence. He was issued a trespass notice and told to leave.

4/27 — The hospital reported an individual with a dog bite. The patient had been bitten by her own dog and did not wish to press charges.

4/27 — A caller reported that his ex-wife had texted him suicidal statements, and he told dispatch that she had access to a firearm. Units responded and spoke to the woman, who said she was fine and that the ex-husband was trying to cause trouble.

4/28 — Parents reported that a 15-year-old girl had run away from home. She was located and charged with runaway second offense and joyriding because she had taken a vehicle without permission. She was transported to the Five County Detention Center.

4/28 — The hospital reported that an individual with a mental health hold had walked off the premises. Deputies located the person and returned him to the hospital for monitoring.

4/28 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a person who was curious if he could drive over Pine Creek Pass. He was advised not to call 911 for questions of that nature.

4/28 — A hitchhiker in Victor was given a verbal warning and a courtesy ride to his destination.

4/29 — A woman was caught on a surveillance camera taking cash from a Victor business. She was trespassed from the property but the owner chose not to press charges.

4/29 — A construction crew in Victor left a fire smoldering after burning debris at the work site. Fire units extinguished the fire.

4/29 — A caller reported hearing a loud suspicious noise in the Henderson Canyon area that might have been an alarm. Deputies responded and determined the sound was coming from some kind of wildlife.

4/30 — A driver was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal. The driver, a woman from Ammon, admitted to possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia. A K9 search of the car was conducted and the drugs were located and seized.

4/30 — Officers performed traffic control for a tractor driving down Main Street in Driggs.

4/30 — A man stole ice and drinks from Broulim’s. He was located and issued a misdemeanor citation for petty theft. He was also served a trespass notice from the store.

4/30 — A Driggs caller reported hearing gun shots or fireworks. Deputies patrolled the area and were unable to locate the source of the sound.


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