There were 257 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 8 and May 14. Deputies performed 37 traffic stops and 51 security checks of local businesses. There were zero DUIs and three accidents.

5/8 — A caller reported hitting a deer on Pine Creek Pass. The accident happened outside Teton County, so the call was transferred to Bonneville County dispatch.

5/8 — A caller wanted a person trespassed from her property.

5/8 — Deputies assisted a rancher in moving cattle.

5/8 — A Driggs caller reported that two men in a neighboring residence were having a loud physical altercation. The men had quieted down when deputies responded and neither wished to press charges.

5/8 — An intoxicated caller repeatedly called dispatch to report someone making suicidal statements. Deputies responded and determined the caller had misconstrued the statements and the involved party was fine.

5/9 — There was a deer vs. vehicle collision on Highway 33 near the Madison County line.

5/9 — Dispatch received a 911 call but the person on the line didn’t say anything. Using the phone’s coordinates, deputies responded and arrested a man for domestic battery and for resisting and obstructing an officer. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

5/9 — A caller reported that her daughter’s Instagram account was hacked and used to send inappropriate messages. The FBI took the case over from TCSO.

5/9 — A caller reported that a man was walking down the highway near the state line at 3:30 p.m. Deputies located him and learned that he had been camping at Trail Creek and his car was stuck in the snow, so he was walking to Victor to get food. The man had an arrest warrant out of Colorado but Colorado authorities did not wish to extradite him. He was given a courtesy ride to the Stinker Station to get food.

5/9 — A caller reported that her ex-boyfriend had attacked her. She said there were no weapons or intoxicants involved and she was uninjured. Officers spoke with both parties, who were visiting from out of town. No report was taken.

5/10 — There was an accident near the intersection of 2000 W and 8000 S. A teenager was learning to drive a manual transmission and ran into a grain bin. The family contacted the owner to work out compensation for the property damage.

5/10 — A Tetonia caller reported that neighbors were playing loud music at 11:30 p.m. A deputy spoke with the revelers and they turned the music down.

5/11 — Dispatch received a 911 call about a deer vs. vehicle collision. The accident happened in the Canyon Creek area and the call was transferred to Madison County.

5/12 — There was a two-vehicle collision when a truck backed over a Subaru near the rodeo grounds in Tetonia. The Subaru had to be towed but no one was injured.

5/12 — A caller reported an incorrigible juvenile who reacted poorly to losing a game. The kid later apologized to his parents for his behavior.

5/12 — Dispatch received a 911 call at 11:30 p.m. The caller spoke Spanish then hung up. A Spanish-speaking deputy called back but no one answered, then went to check on the residence and found that kids had been playing with their parent’s phone and that everyone was safe.

5/13 — An Alta caller reported that she had lit a fire in her fireplace and it started spreading around the room. She was able to extinguish the fire but was concerned about the attic. Units responded and contained the fire to the stove.

5/13 — People called Victor City Hall to report that a Victor restaurant had opened and that customers there weren’t respecting social distancing guidelines. Officers went to the restaurant and spoke to the owner. The sheriff’s office is following the governor’s orders and takes those guidelines seriously.

5/13 — Security at Broulim’s saw an individual walking around the parking lot at 1:30 p.m. trying to open cars. Deputies were unable to locate the suspicious person.

5/14 — A Driggs caller reported that kids were riding dirt bikes in the streets without helmets. Deputies were unable to locate the joyriders.

5/14 — A deputy stopped and searched a vehicle at Sherman Park and found marijuana and paraphernalia. The occupant was cited.

5/14 — A caller reported that a dog had bit her the prior week and while she and the dog’s owner were trying to work it out civilly, the situation had escalated. During investigation the deputy determined the dog was provoked and on its own property. No charges were made.

5/14 — A Victor caller reported that a neighbor was stomping and crying and playing loud music. Deputies responded and the woman was uncooperative and annoyed that they had been called, but she turned down her music.


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