There were 269 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 7 and May 13. Officers performed 48 traffic stops and 39 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and two DUIs, and residents called in 49 controlled burns, three of which got out of control.

5/7 — A controlled residential burn in Victor and another in Tetonia had to be extinguished after growing too large.

5/7 — Child Protective Services referred a sexual assault case to the sheriff’s office. The case is under investigation.

5/8 — Dispatch received a delayed report of a battery in which a man pushed a woman down during an altercation. Deputies assisted the woman with a civil standby while she picked up belongings from their shared residence.

5/8 — A vehicle was broken into in the Broulim’s parking lot and items were taken. TCSO recommends that people lock their vehicles in public places.

5/9 — A caller reported that his mailbox had been smashed. Information was taken.

5/9 — In a possibly related incident, the boat ramp signage and bridge were vandalized at a river access point, as well as at trailheads in several canyons. The case is under investigation.

5/10 — A caller reported that a stranger was outside his house at 1 a.m. Deputies responded and spoke with neighborhood kids who had been knocking on doors and running away.

5/10 — A caller reported that his daughter had rolled her car north of Driggs. Officers responded to the accident. The driver was uninjured.

5/10 — A caller from out of town reported that her friend had possibly been kidnapped from a Victor restaurant. Deputies responded and spoke with people who had been at the bar with her. After searching the town through the night, deputies located her at 5 a.m. She had not been abducted but said she was scared of the people she was with and not comfortable calling the police.

5/10 — A caller reported that his girlfriend had attacked him. The incident was documented.

5/11 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in Tetonia. A report was taken for the damage.

5/11 — A woman who was out for a walk southwest of Driggs reported seeing a full set of women’s clothes left on the side of the road. Deputies collected the outfit and saved it as evidence in case of a future investigation.

5/11 — A caller was concerned she was being stolen from because her emails to a business hadn’t been responded to quickly enough. TCSO helped to resolve the issue.

5/11 — A man called in a controlled burn then set fire to his camper trailer. Dispatch received multiple 911 calls from his neighbors. Fire units responded to extinguish the blaze and the fire chief revoked the resident’s burn permit.

5/12 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision south of Driggs.

5/12 — A driver was pulled over at 2:30 a.m. in Tetonia and cited for first offense DUI and open container.

5/13 — A thousand dollars’ worth of tools were stolen from a job site. A report was taken.

5/13 — A customer at a Driggs business complained to an employee that prices weren’t clearly displayed on some items and refused to be patient in resolving the concern with staff. The customer was trespassed from the store.

5/13 — A caller reported hearing gunshots in the area of Creekside Meadows. Deputies responded and determined the source of the sound was someone shooting safely on their own property outside of city limits.

5/13 — A caller was concerned about harassment from a neighbor and decided to look into a civil protection order.

5/13 — Two teenagers were caught breaking into a vehicle at 6 p.m. in Driggs.

5/13 — A man at a gas station in Victor was cited for felony DUI and for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.