There were 218 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between March 5 and March 11. Officers performed 42 traffic stops and 20 security checks of local businesses. There were two accidents, one slide-off, one DUI, and six ambulance runs to Grand Targhee.

3/6 — A caller reported suspicion that a juvenile had been using alcohol and drugs on a road trip. Without further information, deputies were unable to pursue the case.

3/6 — A Teton Valley woman reported that her male neighbor came onto her property and threatened to shoot her dogs because they had run onto his property. The neighbors filed trespass warnings against one another to keep one another off their respective properties, and the man was cited with verbal assault. Editor's Note, 3/22: The sheriff's office has confirmed that the caller reported that her neighbor was at the gate of her property, not on her property, and had threatened to shoot her dogs because they had allegedly come onto his property. The TVN apologizes for any duress this entry may have caused the involved parties. 

3/6 — A caller reported that their snowmobile had been stolen sometime between last March and now. They thought they may have information on who took it, and where it might be. The case is under investigation.

3/6 — Deputies responded to a fight in progress. A Teton Valley woman’s father and boyfriend were in a physical altercation over disagreements. It was determined to be mutual combat, and no citations were issued. Though Thanksgiving might be extra awkward this year.

3/8 — There was a two-vehicle collision with no injuries. One driver was given a warning for failure to yield when entering a highway.

3/9 — An individual staying at a rental with a shared common area reported that she was approached by a group of men in the hot tub and touched inappropriately. The victim did not wish to pursue charges at this time.

3/9 — A vehicle slid off the roadway. When deputies responded, they discovered that the driver was intoxicated. The driver was cited for DUI.

3/9 — A caller reported that their car window had been broken. A report was taken for vandalism, and the case is under investigation.

3/10 — Following an incident of road rage on Teton Pass, a verbal altercation at the Victor Gateway Station escalated when a subject produced a gun. The subject then drove off, but deputies were able to identify and locate the individual by his license plate. He was taken into custody and transferred to Madison County on charges of aggravated assault.

3/11 — A report was made of a juvenile in the middle school bullying classmates and a teacher. The case is under investigation.