There were 317 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 28 and June 3. Officers performed 88 traffic stops, 41 security checks of local businesses, and four public assists. There were seven accidents and zero DUIs, and residents called in 32 controlled burns.

5/28 — There was a three-vehicle accident in front of the law enforcement building. One driver was cited for following too closely. No one was injured but one vehicle had to be towed.

5/28 — TCSO received a call about a vehicle vs. moose accident on Highway 31. Dispatch transferred the call to Bonneville County where the accident had occurred.

5/28 — There was a one-vehicle rollover in Tetonia. The driver refused transport to the hospital and was cited for driving without privileges. The car was towed.

5/28 — A caller was concerned about threatening behavior from some juvenile male passersby who were flipping her off and yelling at her while she was at her house. A deputy took a report and advised her to call back if there were any more instances of harassment.

5/28 — There was a report of a wallet that had been stolen from a vehicle parked at the high school. The theft is under investigation.

5/28 — A deputy took a report for an ATV accident up Horseshoe Canyon.

5/28 — There was a report of a disturbance at a residence. Deputies responded and found a young man and woman in an argument about one of them leaving. The man, a minor, was taken to the sheriff’s office, where his parent picked him up to return to Idaho Falls. No citations were made.

5/29 — Dispatch received a 911 call and heard someone pressing buttons on the phone and faint voices in the background. Deputies responded to the Bates access and located an individual who said his intoxicated wife was in the area. He said while he was gone someone had called 911 because the wife was lying in the grass crying. Deputies advised him to keep a close eye on her because of her level of intoxication and proximity to the water.

5/29 — A caller reported seeing a child left in a car in the Broulim’s parking lot. The caller was concerned about the heat but said the windows were cracked. Deputies responded and determined the child was asleep and seemed to be fine.

5/29 — A deputy observed a vehicle that had rolled into a ditch in Driggs and attempted to locate the driver. Once the driver was found, he was given field sobriety tests and passed, but was cited for driving without a license and for failure to notify law enforcement of an accident.

5/30 — A Victor caller reported that her car had been vandalized the previous night. A mirror was broken and the body was dented. The damage is under investigation.

5/30 — A caller said her neighbor had made threats to harm her. Deputies made contact with both parties and didn’t find enough evidence to bring charges, but asked the involved parties not to contact each other.

5/31 — There were several reports of a profane flag outside a property in Victor. There was no action that law enforcement could take, but the flag was removed by the owner the next day.

5/31 — A Victor caller reported hearing a loud argument coming from next door and was concerned that the disagreement might turn physical. A deputy responded and learned that the involved parties were fine; they were trying to wash a dog that was proving to be uncooperative, and they were yelling at the dog. No violence had occurred in the household.

6/1 — A caller reported being concerned that a neighbor was shooting guns unsafely on his own property. Officers made contact with the neighbor and determined he was practicing gun safety.

6/2 — A parent reported the second occurrence of a juvenile male runaway. Deputies attempted to locate the boy at friends’ houses. The subject was likely out of the county, so the sheriff’s office started working with Idaho State Police and Wyoming authorities to locate him.

6/2 — A vehicle was pulled off the road outside of Victor and the sheriff stopped to ask if any assistance was needed. He performed a consent search of the vehicle and collected syringes and other drug implements. The occupant was charged with possession of paraphernalia.

6/3 — The hospital reported a patient who had been bitten by a neighbor’s dog. The patient didn’t wish to press charges, and the dog’s owner provided records of the animal’s up-to-date shots.

6/3 — Dispatch received a 911 call about a man who was hitting his juvenile son. Deputies arrived and took the father into custody for aggravated assault, domestic battery, and malicious injury to property. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

6/3 — A caller said she had asked neighboring kids not to play on a small bridge over water near their residence because she was concerned for their safety. Officers responded and found that the kids were being supervised by adults and the water did not appear to be hazardous.

6/3 — A caller advised that her ex-boyfriend had made suicidal comments to her. Deputies located him and took him in for a voluntary evaluation at the hospital.

6/3 — A caller reported a suicidal woman at his residence. She was intoxicated and refused to be evaluated at the hospital. The caller said he would keep an eye on her for the night and would call back if the situation worsened. She eventually returned to her residence out of state, and confirmed she would seek mental health assistance there.

6/3 — A caller reported that it appeared that someone had attempted to break into a Driggs residence using a credit card to open the door bolt. Deputies checked the house and determined the unsuccessful break-in had occurred some time in the past.