There were 250 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 22 and May 28. Deputies performed 31 traffic stops and 44 security checks of local businesses. There was one DUI and one accident. Residents called in 38 controlled burns.

5/22 — A caller reported that a black cow was loose near Grand Teton Brewing Company.

5/22 — A caller reported that items had been taken from a house in Driggs. The suspect appeared to have entered through a basement window. The case is under investigation.

5/22 — A caller reported that she had arrived at her summer residence and found that all the cables and antennas had been removed from the exterior of the house. She later called back to say that she had forgotten the telecom company had rewired the house last summer.

5/22 — A caller reported that people were trespassing at the Tributary hot tub and pool. The people left before deputies responded and the call was canceled.

5/23 — A woman was scammed into giving out personal information. Her family was advised to freeze any related accounts and fill out a fraud packet.

5/23 — Idaho State Police reported a vehicle on Highway 31 that had smoke coming from under the hood and wheel well. Fire units were unable to locate the smoking car.

5/23 — A caller reported that she and her husband had been in a physical altercation and he then left the house intoxicated. Officers found him parked outside a house nearby. He admitted to driving under the influence and was cited for domestic battery in the presence of a minor and for first offense DUI.

5/24 — There was a delayed report of an unwanted person at a house who was acting strangely. The caller declined to have deputies respond and was told to call back if the person returned.

5/24 — A driver hit a deer in Fremont County and had to drive over the county line to find cell reception. Deputies assisted at the site until Fremont County officers arrived.

5/25 — There was a report of alpacas loose on South Bates Road. Dispatch made contact with the animals’ owner.

5/25 — A Tetonia caller reported that a person was target shooting nearby. A deputy made contact with the shooter, who said he had permission from the landowner.

5/25 — There were multiple reports of two flares seen in the area of Grand Targhee. Information was collected and passed on to Teton County, Wyoming.

5/25 — A caller reported that her soon-to-be-ex-husband was causing problems by harassing and stalking her. She requested that a deputy do a special patrol her residence and said she would pursue a civil protection order.

5/26 — There was a report that flags had been stolen in Tetonia. Someone saw a blue truck that might have the same flags on display, so deputies are on the look-out for a vehicle that fits the description.

5/26 — The juvenile probation officer requested assistance in arresting a juvenile who had a warrant out. She was transported to the 5C Detention Center.

5/27 — A caller contacted a deputy because he was concerned after seeing certain text messages that involved his juvenile daughter. The case is under investigation.

5/27 — A Driggs caller reported that his neighbor had shot a handgun into the air. Deputies spoke to the individual about safety precautions.

5/27 — A deputy made contact with two people in downtown Victor at 10 p.m. They were staying at the hotel and were out for a walk.

5/27 — A 13-year-old boy had left his house with his skateboard and hadn’t returned by 11:30 p.m. While deputies collected information from his parents, fire units located him walking home.

5/28 — A caller reported that a firearm, skis, and a hat had been stolen from him. He said he suspected the culprit was his ex-girlfriend. He was very intoxicated and was so uncooperative that he was advised to call back when he was sober. He did not call back.

5/28 — A deputy observed a couple having an altercation in Victor. They said they were just having a verbal argument and declined assistance.

5/28 — A caller reported that her boyfriend had attacked and threatened her with a gun. Deputies responded and investigated the incident. The man was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm and for unlawful possession of a firearm because he was on felony probation for a previous domestic battery charge.


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