There were 191 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between June 12 and June 18. Officers performed 22 traffic stops and 23 security checks of local businesses. There were two accidents and three DUIs. The total number of DUIs in Teton County so far in 2020 is 26; last year at this time there had been 42. 

6/12 — Dispatch received a 911 call from a construction worksite at Grand Targhee. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

6/12 — A deputy gave a man a courtesy ride from Basin Burger to O’Reilly Auto Parts and back because he had broken his car key off in the ignition.

6/12 — A driver was pulled over in Tetonia for failing to use a turn signal. He consented to a search of the vehicle and methamphetamine and paraphernalia were discovered. Charges are pending.

6/12 — The Rexburg Police Department requested assistance on finding a stolen cell phone that had been traced back to Teton County. An officer made contact with the person who had the phone and learned it had been an honest mistake caused when two nearly identical phones were mixed up. The deputy brought the phone back to the sheriff’s office for Rexburg PD to claim.

6/12 — There was a moose vs. vehicle accident near the state line outside of Victor. The driver made it to the gas station before calling in the accident. A report was taken for damage to the vehicle. Deputies responded to dispatch the moose but it had left the scene.

6/12 — There was a deer vs. vehicle accident in Tetonia. The car was towed and a report was taken for the damage.

6/12 — A caller reported that a man on a bike had followed her home after approaching her at work several times in the past month. He had left the area but deputies are attempting to locate him.

6/13 — A caller reported that her husband was intoxicated and threatening to kill himself. Deputies responded and evaluated the situation. The man said he wasn’t suicidal and would sleep it off.

6/13 — A caller reported that he had been floating the Teton River with his family near Old Rightaway Road when a man who appeared to be intoxicated on the river bank shot a gun into the water only 50 feet from the group. Deputies were unable to locate the individual.

6/13 — A woman was arrested in Victor on Ada and Bonneville County warrants as well as local charges for possession, paraphernalia, and resisting and obstructing an officer. She was transported to Madison County Jail.

6/13 — A Driggs caller reported three men smoking marijuana outside. Deputies located the men, who said they’d already smoked all the weed. With no further evidence, they received no citations but were given a warning about illicit substances.

6/14 — A caller reported that his son had stolen thousands of dollars’ worth of items from his trailer and then left the state. The theft is under investigation.

6/14 — There was a report of dog that had bitten its owner. No further information was required.

6/14 — A man was located and charged with littering on public land in the Mud Lake area of Victor.

6/14 — A deputy observed a woman at a Driggs residence from which he knew she had previously been trespassed. She was issued a misdemeanor citation for violating a trespass notice and was also cited for driving without a license.

6/14 — A deputy made a traffic stop for speeding in Tetonia. The driver, a Victor man, blew over the legal limit and was arrested for second offense DUI and possession of cocaine, LSD, and marijuana.

6/14 — A caller reported that he had received a call from an unknown woman who said one of his employees had been in a car accident. Deputies responded to the area where the accident supposedly occurred but were unable to locate any sign of a wreck. The reporting party determined that the employee was safely at home and the call appeared to be a misunderstanding.

6/15 — Deputies assisted Idaho State Police with a DUI arrest at 10:45 a.m. at the Pine Creek Campground.

6/16 — A vehicle was pulled over in Driggs for doing 71 mph in a 45 mph zone. During the stop the deputy cited the driver for being a minor in possession of alcohol and drug paraphernalia and cited the passenger for paraphernalia.

6/16 — There was an oven fire in Victor. Units arrived and determined the fire had been caused by a malfunctioning propane line. They cleared the scene and said they would follow up with the propane company the next day.

6/16 — At 5:30 p.m. a caller reported that her son hadn’t returned from a trip into Darby Canyon. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming, but later canceled when the parent called back to say the son had arrived home safely.

6/17 — There was a house fire in Driggs. Units responded and determined it was a chimney fire. They requested assistance from the sheriff’s office because the fire was causing heavy smoke and decreased visibility across the road. Deputies closed the road while firefighters extinguished the flames.

6/18 — A driver was pulled over in Victor for driving outside the lane of travel. The driver failed field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit, then admitted to possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. The individual was transported to Madison County Jail.

6/18 — A deputy observed that a light post on Baseline in Victor had been vandalized and took photos of the graffiti. There were no eyewitnesses or suspects.

6/18 — A handgun was found at the commercial gas pumps outside of Driggs. The sheriff’s office is trying to locate the gun’s owner by reviewing the fuel log.

6/18 — Idaho State Police forwarded a report of a driver swerving and leaving the road near downtown Driggs. The man was pulled over and found to be driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

6/18 — An alarm company alerted the sheriff’s office that someone had set off a safety alarm at the Royal Wolf after being pushed. Deputies responded to the Wolf and spoke with the person, who said it had been an accident and refused a ride home.


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