There were 294 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between June 11 and June 17. Officers performed 55 traffic stops, 30 security checks of local businesses, and seven public assists. There were five accidents and one DUI, and residents called in 14 controlled burns.

6/11 — A caller reported that small items had gone missing in the neighborhood, and identified the suspect, a juvenile. Deputies resolved the issue with the kid’s parents.

6/11 — Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in Tetonia. There had been no physical altercation although some belongings had been damaged. The involved parties agreed to separate for the evening.

6/11 — Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in Victor. The caller said her husband had come home intoxicated and broken a window. He was cited and released for domestic assault and malicious injury to property.

6/12 — A caller reported seeing a man on Stateline Road that matched the description of a missing person. The caller spoke with the man, who said he was okay but asked how cold it would get at night up Darby Canyon. Deputies checked the area but did not find the individual.

6/13 — A caller reported the theft of construction equipment from a site in Tetonia. The caller later informed the sheriff’s office that the equipment had only been moved, not stolen.

6/13 — The hospital reported a patient with a dog bite. The victim didn’t wish to pursue charges; he had been bitten by his friend’s parent’s dog.

6/13 — A Victor caller reported seeing individuals sitting in a city park apparently watching children play. She picked up her kids from the park, then saw the individuals start driving around the area. Her husband confronted them and they yelled at him. Deputies were unable to locate them.

6/13 — Rags caught on fire at a Victor work site. Bystanders were able to extinguish the fire before units responded.

6/14 — After a dispute, a caller requested that her neighbor be trespassed from her property.

6/14 — A deputy responded to a complaint about lighting that violated a county ordinance.

6/14 — There was an electrical pole fire in Driggs. Fire units responded and extinguished the fire, and Fall River Electric was notified.

6/14 — A caller reported that she and her dog had been threatened and harassed by a neighbor, but she did not want a deputy to respond to the scene.

6/14 — A Driggs caller reported seeing two individuals target shooting in the direction of a house. Deputies made contact with the individuals, who had permission to shoot on the property and were shooting at ground squirrels.

6/15 — TCSO received a report of a juvenile who left his house after an argument with his parents and refused to return. He was located on the bike path and given a courtesy ride home.

6/15 — A man and his wife had a verbal altercation when the wife would apparently not let the husband leave the house for work. Officers performed a civil standby so the husband could gather his belongings to move out.

6/15 — A caller reported that former property owners were farming his land without permission. He was advised that it was a civil situation and he should explore the farming eviction process.

6/15 — Dispatch received a 911 call with background noise that sounded like an altercation. Officers responded and located the person, who said it was a misdial and there was no emergency.

6/15 — The woman whose husband moved out earlier in the day had entered his new residence without permission and was harassing him. She was trespassed from the home and advised not to return.

6/15 — There was a report of a very large unattended fire. Deputies confirmed it was a bonfire and asked the residents to reduce the size of the fire.

6/16 — There was a fender-bender on Little Avenue in front of the thrift store. A report was taken for the damage.

6/16 — A resident was arrested on a no bond warrant for a probation violation, after an original charge of DUI, and transported to Madison County Jail.

6/17 — A man was arrested on an Ada County warrant.

6/17 — A caller reported seeing a cement truck dumping cement on the side of Old Jackson Highway. A deputy went to the scene and couldn’t find any cement on or near the roadway.

6/17 — There was a report of a vehicle vs. bear collision on Highway 22. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

6/17 — A woman was pulled over in downtown Victor for a traffic violation and cited for DUI and endangerment of a child.

6/17 — A caller reported an intoxicated individual walking in the road outside of Victor. The individual was located and given a courtesy ride back to town.

6/17 — There was a fight at the West Side Yard. Deputies arrived and wrote a citation for disturbing the peace, but neither of the involved parties wished to seek battery charges.

6/17 — A caller reported witnessing a minor car crash in Driggs. Deputies responded but couldn’t find any sign of the accident.