There were 264 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 21 and May 27. Officers performed 48 traffic stops and 33 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and one DUI, and residents called in 35 controlled burns.

5/21 — Two housemates got into a physical altercation. The altercation started when one of the housemates hit the other from behind while he was working on a vehicle. A warrant was issued for the offending individual, no arrests have been made.

5/21 — A group of teenagers received a warning for reckless driving as a result of driving through the Driggs City Park. No damage was sustained to the park’s grounds.

5/22 — An individual reported that his vehicle was missing when he was leaving work. Deputies gave the individual a courtesy ride home. When the deputy went back to the scene the vehicle was located near where it was reported missing. The keys were found in the vehicle. The deputy locked the vehicle and returned the keys to the owner.

5/22 — A vehicle was located stuck in the snow on Packsaddle Road. In addition to being stuck in the snow, tires on the vehicle were slashed. A report for damage was filed, no suspects have been identified.

5/24 — A vehicle struck a deer outside of Tetonia. Officers located the deer which was subsequently dispatched. Minimal damage occurred to the vehicle and no report was taken.

5/24 — A traffic complaint was filed for a vehicle passing multiple cars while driving on Teton Pass. The vehicle was not located.

5/24 — A report of a drunk driver was received by the sheriff’s office around 7:20 a.m. The vehicle was identified as a silver Toyota pickup. The vehicle was not located.

5/24 — Suspicious activity was reported on Stateline Road when a homeowner reported that someone had come onto her property overnight and cut her trees in a manner in which they fell across her driveway. Deputies are currently investigating the incident.

5/25 — A suspicious vehicle was identified outside of the Grandview General Store. The vehicle had no plates visible and registration tabs were missing. Temporary tags were installed on the vehicle. The occupant was advised to properly display license plates and tags.

5/25 — An occurrence of possible road rage was reported outside the Driggs Ace Hardware. A possibly intoxicated individual confronted the driver of the other vehicle. The possibly intoxicated individual was located and showed no signs of intoxication to deputies. The involved parties were advised to not take matters into their own hands.

5/25 — Gunshots were reported outside of Tetonia. The reporting party stated that they heard gunshots fly over their head. No individual was located. Area farmers were advised to file a report if any suspicious individual was located.

5/25 — A family came into the sheriff’s office and raised concerns over one of the parent’s mental health. One member of the household party had an active warrant for child abuse out of Latah Co. and was taken into custody.

5/25 — A traffic stop led to an individual in custody after two active warrants were uncovered. One was out of the Idaho Department of Corrections and the other was out of the State of Florida. The individual was transported to Madison County Jail.

5/25 — A physical altercation occurred between two men outside of the Hacienda Cuajimalpa after one individual made a derogatory statement to the other. The sheriff’s office is looking at citing the individual.

5/25 — A student threatened to bring a weapon to Teton Middle School. The offending student stated to another that he was going to bring a weapon in and cause physical harm. Deputies made contact with the student and their family. No criminal charges were filed but TMS will be internally disciplining the student.

5/26 — A father turned in his son after finding drug paraphernalia. Information was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. No report was taken.

5/26 — A student at Teton Middle School had a charge of malicious injury to property filed against him. The student brought a lighter to school and was setting objects on fire. The student was suspended for the rest of the school year.

5/27 — There was a theft reported at an area construction site. Fencing materials were stolen overnight. There was a report taken and it is currently under investigation.

5/27 — A suspicious vehicle was located near a construction site. When deputies arrived they could not locate the vehicle. A Be On The Lookout report was issued.

5/27 — An individual was advised by another person that an individual from a third party was making threats of physical harm against her. The case is currently under investigation.

5/27 — Teton County WY informed the sheriff’s office that a possibly intoxicated driver was coming over Teton Pass. The driver could not stay in the proper driving lane and struck a guardrail. The driver refused a field sobriety test and was brought into custody. The passenger of the vehicle was also cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

5/27 — A possibly stolen bicycle was found disassembled in a dumpster on Center Street in Victor. The incident is under investigation.