There were 260 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between June 4 and June 10. Officers performed 58 traffic stops, 38 security checks of local businesses, and four public assists. There were eight accidents and zero DUIs, and residents called in 17 controlled burns.

6/4 — There was a report of an individual walking along the side of Hwy 33 south of Driggs who reportedly had a close call with a semi. Deputies responded to the man who was on the walking path at this point and determined he was fine, but shaken.

6/4 — There was a report of a stolen bicycle outside of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Victor when a customer left his bike out in front of the shop for a service technician to pick up. It turns out that the technician did pick the bike up without the customer knowing and the report was deemed to be made in error.

6/4 — Deputies responded to a call of a found child, a three-year-old who was wandering the streets of Victor. The mother was promptly located, and had her child returned. The three-year-old had wandered out of the house.

6/4 — Mutual combat was reported at a Victor workplace when an argument over rent escalated to a fight. Deputies separated the altercation and no charges were filed.

6/5 — Two separate canine-related calls were made within a half hour of each other. A dog bite victim from Alta was reported at Teton Valley Hospital, with no charges being filed. The other report was made against a dog who was aggressively barking at pedestrians on the south side of Driggs. This was not the first time this dog had been reported. The owner received a warning of a dog-at-large citation.

6/5 — A report of a suspicious individual was taken when an area man sat at the AmeriAsia Bistro in Victor. The individual had apparently sat in the restaurant for upwards of five hours and refused to pay his bill. Deputies got him to exit the premises.

6/6 — A woman’s purse was nicked from Broulim’s grocery. It has unfortunately not been found or returned.

6/7 — An RV in Mike Harris Campground that was emitting smoke had to be extinguished by firefighters. They got there and put the fire out in time, before the vehicle had a chance to become engulfed in flames.

6/8 — Deputies responded to reports of an individual who was knocking on camper doors and running away. Residents were advised to call again if the nuisance continued.

6/8 — A juvenile caller reported that he was being followed near the high school by a suspicious vehicle. Deputies responded and determined the caller was in the vicinity of a county vehicle whose occupants were looking for noxious weeds.

6/8 — Vandalism was reported near Hwy 33 south of Victor. A pedestrian tunnel underneath the roadway was tagged with spray paint. Deputies took photos, and an investigation is underway.

6/8 — Deputies performed a welfare check outside Hacienda Cuajimalpa in Driggs when a parent was seen disciplining their child by giving spankings. The child was in good spirits after being disciplined and no further action was taken.

6/8 — There was a report of an accident up Packsaddle Rd where a vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree. The vehicle was found unoccupied and the driver was located walking down the road uninjured. The vehicle was towed out.

6/9 — A moose was hit outside of Tetonia which caused a shattered windshield and front-end damage to a vehicle. A report was taken, however, the moose was not located. The vehicle was able to make it back to the hotel. The call was taken at 1:09 a.m.

6/9 — Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at the Teton Valley RV park. It was the result of some burnt food. Everything was OK.

6/9 — A lost red Marmot duffel bag was reported missing on Teton Pass. The caller was informed it has not been located.

6/9 — A public assist was requested when there was a report of a dog locked in a vehicle at Broulim’s. The dog was found to be OK with the windows cracked.

6/9 — A fraudulent credit card prompted deputies to respond to Valley Lumber, where an individual had tried to purchase around $500 worth of goods. The individual was wearing a mask and driving a car without license plates. The incident is under investigation.

6/10 — A bull moose was reported injured and dispatched outside of Tetonia. Idaho Fish and Game was notified.

6/10 — A deputy observed a vehicle strike and destroy a pedestrian warning sign a block north of the stoplight in Driggs. The individual was not cited, although given a stern talking to as well as a charge of services for the City of Driggs to replace the sign.