There were 248 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between May 29 and June 4. Deputies performed 32 traffic stops, nine public assists, and 50 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents and zero DUIs. Residents called in 27 controlled burns.

5/29 — A Tetonia caller reported that a neighbor’s buffalo had caused damage to their tree. The property damage was documented.

5/29 — A caller reported that he had been the victim of armed robbery and aggravated assault. The night prior he had gone to a party and then traveled to the Horseshoe Canyon area with some acquaintances, who then demanded he give up some possessions and threatened him with a firearm. Several shots were fired. He escaped and contacted law enforcement the next morning. The aggressors were identified and the one who used the firearm was taken into custody.

5/29 — A caller reported seeing some people dumping refuse and junk on another person’s property on Hastings Lane. The illegal dumping is under investigation.

5/29 — A driver lost control and slid off the highway near Tetonia. The driver did not sustain any injuries but the vehicle had to be towed.

5/29 — A caller reported that a strange woman had knocked on doors in the area and then left. Deputies located the individual in Victor and she said she was looking for her husband. She was told not to return to the reporting party’s house.

5/30 — A caller reported hearing gunshots in Tetonia. Deputies were unable to locate the shooters but found the area where they were shooting. It appeared to have a safe backdrop.

5/30 — An individual was separated from a group on the river and lost a paddle. The person was given a courtesy ride back to the put-in.

5/30 — There was a noise complaint of loud music coming from a house in Victor. Deputies talked to the subject, who turned the music down.

5/30 — A caller reported that his son was acting erratically and had been kicked out of a local hotel for possible drug use. Deputies determined the son had already left Teton County to find another family member.

5/30 — A caller reported that a woman was walking along Highway 33 in the dark. Deputies located her and she said she had argued with her roommate and left the house. She was given a courtesy ride back to her residence to gather some possessions. She said she would find a different place to spend the night.

5/31 — Someone vandalized the Bates Bridge with minor graffiti. The case is under investigation.

5/31 — There was a report of fireworks in Victor. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the fireworks.

5/31 — Dispatch received multiple calls about water nearing the level of Highway 33 around 3000S. The county estimated that peak high water would occur between June 7 and 8, and said only minor road flooding was expected.

6/1 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident south of Victor. Idaho State Police responded to the accident.

6/1 — A driver parked at the Driggs fire department but didn’t realize her car was still in gear. It rolled into the building, causing minor damage to the car but no structural damage to the fire station.

6/1 — A caller reported that a person appeared to be living in a shed on a neighboring property, which is illegal per county code. The case is under investigation.

6/2 — A caller requested deputy assistance because she and her husband had gotten into an argument. Her husband was gone when deputies arrived. There was no sign or report of a physical altercation. The woman was given information on how to contact Family Safety Network.

6/2 — The white king on the chess set at Mugler Plaza was painted red and the phrase “Our blood runs red,” was painted on the ground. The vandalism is under investigation.

6/2 — A caller reported that a flag had been raised above the Driggs post office that might be affiliated with “Antifa.” Employees there explained that it was a POW/MIA flag that is often flown over the post office.

6/2 — A Tetonia resident reported having recurring issues with a person coming onto his property. The individual was located and served a trespass notice.

6/2 — A caller was concerned about someone taking down signs late at night. The person was determined to be a candidate who was taking down his own campaign signs after the election.

6/3 — A caller reported that her friend would not leave her house despite being asked to. The friend left because she had called the sheriff’s office, so she said she was fine and no longer needed assistance.

6/3 — A caller reported that someone was putting malicious stickers on her mailbox about her husband. She refused to give further information but requested assistance. The case is under investigation.

6/3 — There was a report of a mule loose in the Pole Canyon area. Deputies were unable to locate the mule.

6/3 — The fire department received a call about smoke in the Big Holes. Units were unable to locate smoke but did observe some low-lying clouds over the range.

6/4 — There was a report of a domestic disturbance occurring in a vehicle outside of Tetonia. Deputies located the vehicle and gave the woman a courtesy ride to Family Safety Network for assistance. No charges have been filed at this time.

6/4 — A caller reported that his seat cover had been taken from his vehicle while it was parked at a river access, and that he could see the seat cover in the car parked next to his. The suspect was located and he admitted he had entered the vehicle through an open window and stolen the seat cover. The reporting party did not wish to press charges, he just wanted his seat cover back. The thief was given a warning about petty theft and unlawful entry.

6/4 — A caller reported that she suspected her husband might have been poisoning her, because she had gone to the doctor, who had found some unusual substance in her test results, but she couldn’t remember what that substance was. She said she didn’t feel safe so officers helped her leave her residence. The case is under investigation.

6/4 — A deputy observed people walking down the highway north of Driggs at night and advised them to use the bike path.


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