There were 259 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between June 26 and July 2. Officers performed 44 traffic stops and 47 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents and one DUI. Residents called in five complaints regarding fireworks and noise. 

6/26 — Two tires were taken from a Driggs business. The theft is under investigation.

6/26 — The juvenile probation officer reported that her phone number had been tagged on a bridge on the rail trail. The graffiti was located and covered it up.

6/26 — A man dislocated his shoulder at the Driggs skate park but refused ambulance service.

6/26 — There was an incident of road rage at the Victor stop light. After being brake-checked several times going down Teton Pass, a Victor man got out of his car at the light and confronted the driver of the car in front of him. That driver, a St Anthony resident, started to retrieve a baseball bat from his backseat. That angered the confronter, who tried to grab the bat, but the driver rolled his window up too quickly, so the man started punching and kicking the vehicle and making lewd hand gestures. He was located and cited for assault.

6/26 — There was a two-vehicle accident near Baseline Road on Highway 33 when one driver rear-ended another. Both vehicles had to be towed and a report was taken for the damage.

6/26 — A caller reported that she was walking with her granddaughter in a Driggs neighborhood when an unknown older man asked to take a picture because the child was so beautiful. She wanted the incident documented and written up in the sheriff’s log.

6/26 — A caller reported that her soon-to-be-ex-husband had kicked open the door of their house and taken his belongings from the garage while she was away. She was given information for the Family Safety Network and on seeking a civil protection order, and advised to call 911 if he attempted to return.

6/27 — Early on Saturday morning the woman called back to report her soon-to-be-ex-husband had returned to the house and was refusing to leave. Deputies responded and determined there had been no physical altercation or property damage. The man left the house.

6/27 — A caller reported that someone had stolen a stabilizing hitch off her vehicle the night before.

6/27 — A caller reported that a man and woman were panhandling in the Broulim’s parking lot and harassing customers. Deputies spoke with the couple and they left the area.

6/27 — A caller reported that people were trying to dump trash in the dumpster of a Victor hotel. Deputies responded but were unable to locate the illegal dumpers.

6/27 — An individual had his own foot run over by his truck when it was stuck in reverse. The truck also took out a nearby fence. The man was transported to the hospital.

6/27 — A man was arrested in Victor on a Teton County warrant for failure to appear after original charges for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

6/27 — A truck parked near the airport rolled downhill and an unlicensed driver attempted to stop the vehicle. Despite his efforts the truck struck a storage building, causing minor damage.

6/28 — A caller reported loud music and fireworks in Victor. Deputies responded and told the residents to keep it down.

6/29 — A Driggs man came to the sheriff’s office to report that someone had moved his car without his permission. The car had been unlocked in town with the keys inside. Nothing had been taken. He was advised not to leave his car unlocked with the keys inside.

6/29 — A Driggs caller reported a suspicious person walking on Ski Hill Road. Deputies made contact with the pedestrian, who was merely out for a stroll.

6/29 — A caller reported that the large Trump sign on his property had been cut down with a chainsaw the night before. A deputy took a report for malicious injury to property.

6/29 — A Victor caller reported a suspicious person walking on Highway 31. Deputies made contact with the foot traveler, who was enjoying an afternoon constitutional.

6/29 — A caller reported a herd of cows on Ski Hill Road. Dispatch happily transferred the cow call to Teton County, Wyoming.

6/29 — A caller reported the theft of power tools from a Driggs construction site. Deputies performed a special patrol of the area.

6/30 — A Driggs caller reported seeing people with flashlights who appeared to be casing a neighbor’s house and attempting to break in. Deputies made contact with the individuals, who were trying to find the key for the AirBNB they had rented.

7/1 — A caller reported seeing a woman who had fallen off her bike or otherwise sustained an injury near Tributary. Units were unable to locate her but the hospital later reported a patient who had been admitted with minor injuries after a bike crash.

7/2 — A deputy pulled over a driver on Packsaddle Road for excessive speeding. The driver, who was a juvenile, showed indications of impairment. The teenager failed field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit for a minor. He was served a juvenile notice and released to his parents.

7/2 — A deputy pulled over a driver north of Driggs for speeding and served the driver a juvenile notice for possession of tobacco products and paraphernalia.

7/2 — A caller reported that some things were missing and possibly taken from the garage in his new home that’s under construction. The case is under investigation.

7/2 — A caller reported that people on her property near Bitch Creek were refusing to leave. She requested a deputy’s assistance but then canceled the request because they had agreed to leave.

7/2 — Idaho State Police advised that Christmas ornaments were strewn across both lanes of traffic near Valley Lumber. A fire engine team removed the debris.

7/2 — There was a one-vehicle rollover south of Driggs. Idaho State Police took a report. The occupant refused ambulance service.

7/2 — A Driggs caller reported being targeted by scammers who were requesting payment. The caller was referred to the FBI website to make a report.