There were 366 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 17 and July 23. Officers performed 126 traffic stops and 21 security checks of local businesses. There were five accidents, zero DUIs, and two reports of neighbors lighting fireworks. 

7/17 — A Driggs caller reported hearing the sounds of a wild animal outside her residence. A deputy responded and found several cats making noise in a dumpster nearby.

7/17 — A man was arrested on a Teton County warrant for failing to appear in court on charges of possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia. He was taken to the sheriff’s office for a video hearing with the judge then transported to Madison County Jail.

7/17 — A caller reported that a middle aged man was having a seizure in Broulim’s. EMTs responded but the man declined ambulance transport.

7/17 — The City of Victor passed on reports from citizens to TCSO that a couple of local businesses were not posting or enforcing the city’s mask ordinance. Officers went to both businesses and found that signs were posted.

7/17 — A caller reported that a man had been sitting in his parked vehicle in downtown Driggs for 30 minutes with a door open. A deputy located and spoke with him and determined he was fine and had just been napping.

7/17 — There was a two-vehicle accident north of Victor. No one was injured but one car had extensive front end damage. One driver received a written warning for unsafe passing.

7/18 — A Felt caller reported that a neighbor’s loud music had woken her up at 1 a.m. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the noise.

7/18 — A man was pulled over on Highway 33 for speeding. The deputy detected the odor of marijuana coming from the car and a search yielded weed, a pipe, and a grinder. The man was cited for possession.

7/18 — A caller reported being chased by a dog in a neighborhood northwest of Victor. As deputies were responding to the call, they received a call about a domestic disturbance.

7/18 — A caller reported that his son had pushed him over. Deputies responded and determined mutual combat had occurred between the father and son. No citations were issued.

7/18 — A caller reported that her ex-husband had come home from rehabilitation and she didn’t want him in the house. Deputies responded and determined they had been in a verbal altercation and were separated for the night.

7/19 — A driver left the road in Tetonia and hit several buckrail posts. A deputy made contact with him as he was about to leave the scene of the accident. The property owner was notified and the two parties exchanged information. The driver was cited for failure to exercise due care.

7/19 — The hospital reported a patient with a dog bite that had occurred on the Aspen Trail. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

7/19 — There was a report of a couple arguing loudly for 30 minutes between their apartment and vehicle. Deputies arrived and determined there had been no physical altercation. The couple was given information for the Family Safety Network and separated for the evening.

7/19 — A caller said a man at a party had hit several people. Deputies responded and found that all the people involved were heavily intoxicated. The man was no longer at the party, having been driven home by a sober friend. No one wished to press charges.

7/20 — A caller reported that she heard a woman screaming near her Tetonia residence. Units were unable to locate anyone in distress in the area.

7/20 — A caller found a bone that looked like a human remain near the Pine Creek Campground. A deputy documented the find, which might be a bear bone, and the county coroner is analyzing the bone.

7/20 — A caller reported that she had cashed a check given to her by a scammer who told her to purchase $2,500 of Nike gift cards in exchange for her labor. A report was taken for the fraud.

7/20 — A caller reported that one of his employees had punched another then fled the scene. The victim did not wish to press charges but the employer had the subject trespassed from the property.

7/20 — A caller reported that his wife had hit him with a wet dish towel. Deputies responded and determined the couple had been arguing. No charges were filed.

7/20 — A caller reported hearing two men yelling at each other in their house. Deputies determined it was a verbal altercation. The roommates said they’d “keep it chill” for the rest of the night.

7/20 — A vehicle crashed after becoming high-centered on gravel south of Driggs. There were no injuries or vehicle damage.

7/20 — A man who was known to have a suspended license was pulled over north of Victor for also having an expired registration. He failed field sobriety tests and a search of his car yielded several open alcohol containers, methamphetamine, and paraphernalia. He was also on probation and was transported to Jefferson Count Jail. The next day TCSO secured a search warrant for his home and found controlled substances and paraphernalia during the search. The children that resided there were placed in the custody of foster families and additional charges are pending.

7/21 — There was a two-vehicle accident in downtown Driggs that resulted in some hazardous material spillage but no injuries. A report was taken and the drivers exchanged insurance information.

7/22 — A driver was pulled over on Cedron for having a suspended license. He was cited for possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, and open containers.

7/22 — A caller reported that she was hiking in the Horseshoe Canyon area and wasn’t sure of the location of four boys she had been with. Search & Rescue was notified and prepared to respond but a deputy was then able to make contact with the boys and all parties were located.

7/22 — There was a small fire next to Provisions when a planter began smoldering from a cigarette butt. The fire was successfully extinguished.

7/22 — A caller reported that he was in danger because his landlord was threatening him for playing music. A deputy spoke with him and he said he just wanted the perceived threat documented.

7/23 — A caller reported that his wife had been suicidal for a week. She was located and given a courtesy ride to the hospital for a voluntary evaluation.

7/23 — Dispatch received a long 911 call with strange background noise. Officers responded to the Tetonia location based on GPS coordinates and found an individual mowing his lawn. There was no emergency.

7/23 — There was a two-vehicle accident in downtown Victor. An ambulance was dispatched for one passenger who was experiencing neck pain. One driver was cited for following too closely.

7/23 — A deputy saw a vehicle parked near Driggs City Park and made contact with the occupants. They were fine.