There were 285 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 16 and July 22. Officers performed 55 traffic stops, 21 security checks of local businesses, and three public assists. There were six accidents and three DUIs.

7/16 — A driver was pulled over in Driggs for failure to maintain lanes. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was cited for underage DUI and open container. There were also two passengers in the vehicle who were underage and had consumed alcohol. All were released to the custody of their parents.

7/16 — A caller reported that a trailer had been stolen from his property. He thought a friend had borrowed it but confirmed that wasn’t the case. The trailer was entered into the national database.

7/16 — TCSO received a delayed report of an accident near 3500S. A deputy documented the accident for the insurance claim. The sheriff’s office requests that citizens immediately report any accident that occurs.

7/16 — There was a report of a truck on the highway that was smoking. The driver had a fire extinguisher and put out the brake fire. Units arrived and assisted on the scene. Nearby, someone on the side of the highway flagged down a deputy and said something hit and broke their windshield, but that there had been no vehicles in the area when it happened.

7/16 — A caller was concerned about people speeding down a private street in a Driggs subdivision, and was upset that someone had stolen the flag off a “Slow, children at play” sign. The caller was advised to contact the HOA.

7/16 — Officers responded to Big Eddy because a parent had become separated from her son while floating down the river. He eventually arrived safely at the take out.

7/16 — A caller said someone was trying to fight him so he fired his handgun into the ground to scare his opponent. He was cited for discharging a firearm toward another person and the other individual was cited for disturbing the peace.

7/16 — A caller reported that a family member had made suicidal threats with a knife and also threatened to commit suicide by police officer. The subject then left the house in a car. While deputies were collecting statements from the family, the individual returned home and voluntarily submitted to a mental health evaluation at the hospital.

7/17 — A caller was concerned after seeing a herd of cattle without enough water. The owners were located and they said they would bring more water to the cows later in the week.

7/17 — Power tools were taken from a locked shed at the county transfer station. The theft is under investigation.

7/17 — A hay baler caught fire in Tetonia. Units located the machine and extinguished the fire.

7/17 — The hospital reported a patient with a dog bite. The patient declined to press charges against the dog’s owner.

7/17 — Dispatch received a report of a reckless driver. Deputies pulled the car over south of Driggs. The driver was cited for second offense DUI, open container, and driving on a suspended license. The vehicle was turned over to a sober driver.

7/18 — A Driggs caller reported neighbors who were drunkenly singing and talking for over at hour at 1 a.m. A deputy located the loud individuals and told them to keep it down.

7/18 — A caller reported that her elderly mother had left the house and gone missing. While officers were en route, she called back to say the woman had been located unharmed at a neighbor’s house.

7/18 — A patient at the hospital left without being discharged, with his IV still in. He was located at his residence. He said he was fine and would go back to the hospital to get everything sorted out.

7/19 — A caller requested that deputies check on the welfare of horses without water. They determined the horses didn’t seem neglected but since there had been multiple calls about the same residence, information was forwarded to the Idaho Department of Agriculture, which will perform a herd inspection.

7/19 — A caller reported that a driver south of Driggs was failing to maintain lanes. The car was located and the rear tire was smoking. The driver said it was because the parking brake had been left on.

7/19 — A caller reported that large concrete slabs had been illegally dumped in a county borrow pit in Tetonia. Officers are attempting to locate the suspect.

7/19 — A caller reported a vehicle failing to maintain lanes. A deputy stopped the car in Victor and the driver was cited for excessive DUI and given a courtesy ride to her residence.

7/20 — A relative found a man dead in his home. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a hotline for individuals in crisis or for those looking to help someone else. To speak with a certified listener, call 1-800-273-8255.

7/20 — An individual who had been the manager of a local business closed the store, took the day’s deposit of $2,000, and quit. Deputies have been unable to locate the person, who may have fled the state or the country.

7/20 — A resident had their property surveyed and found that a through road that neighbors had been using wasn’t theirs. The neighbors were advised and a trespass order was issued.

7/21 — A caller was concerned that there might be a credit card skimmer at one of the local gas stations. Deputies checked all the pumps and didn’t find any suspicious devices.

7/21 — A caller reported that he was receiving threatening text messages from his boss. Deputies investigated and found the texts were more rude than threatening.

7/21 — Several parties trespassed each other from their respective properties after a confrontation about a juvenile speeding down a private road.

7/21 — Dispatch received a report of a one-vehicle accident. Deputies determined the driver had fallen asleep and ran off the road outside of Victor. There were no injuries or damage to the car.

7/22 — A caller reported the theft of an F150 truck with Wyoming plates. The vehicle was entered into the national database and the theft is under investigation.

7/22 — A caller reported that someone had damaged the interior of his vehicle while it was parked on Main Street in Driggs. The case is under investigation.

7/22 — A driver was pulled over in Victor and issued a juvenile notice for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

7/22 — During a casual conversation with an officer, an employee at a local business admitted to having marijuana in their car. A search yielded controlled substances and the person was cited for possession.