There were 277 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 10 and July 16. Officers performed 56 traffic stops and 38 security checks of local businesses. There were ten accidents and zero DUIs. Residents called in 13 controlled burns.

7/10 — A caller reported that construction material from a neighboring worksite was being illegally dumped on a property that he was excavating. Officers located the suspect, who said he would haul the debris off the property.

7/10 — There was a three-vehicle accident at the intersection of 8000S and Highway 33. All occupants declined ambulance service. Two vehicles were towed, crews cleaned up the hazardous materials spilled, and one driver was cited for following too closely.

7/10 — Juveniles riding ATVs on Baseline were given a warning about not wearing helmets.

7/10 — Two people at Dave’s Pubb reported that two men had assaulted them. After interviewing the involved parties at the bar, deputies determined that the men were trying to deescalate an altercation. No one wished to press charges at the time, but one person was cited for malicious injury to property because he threw rocks at another person’s car.

7/11 — A truck pulled in front of another on Packsaddle Road, causing an accident. The driver of the truck was cited for failing to stop at a stop sign.

7/11 — A caller reported that someone had taken her purse from a rental cabin while she was out for the day. She later called back to say she had found the purse.

7/11 — A caller reported two incidents of domestic disturbance with her husband. Officers responded and spoke with both parties, one of whom had thrown a bell pepper at the other. They both received misdemeanor citations for domestic battery and were separated for the evening.

7/11 — A caller reported that while a moving company was at his residence, an envelope with $7,000 in cash went missing. The possible theft is under investigation.

7/11 — A caller reported that a driver nearly caused a head-on collision near Big Eddy. Deputies located him at the Rainey Bridge access. He was not intoxicated but he did have a warrant for his arrest out of Bannock County. He was taken into custody and transported to Madison County Jail.

7/11 — Dispatch received a 911 call about someone who had firearms at Grand Targhee. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

7/12 — A caller reported hearing a domestic disturbance. Deputies spoke with the involved parties and determined they had been yelling because the husband was trying to help the wife extract a contact that was stuck in her eye. They were intoxicated but uninjured and there appeared to be no domestic issue. Neither wished to seek a No Contact Order.

7/12 — A caller reported that a truck and trailer struck another vehicle while trying to navigate the parking lot of a Victor gas station. The owners exchanged insurance information.

7/12 — A Driggs resident was trespassed from a neighboring property.

7/13 — During a traffic stop in Tetonia a man was arrested on a Fremont County warrant and transferred to Fremont officers’ custody at the county line.

7/13 — A caller reported that a loose dog had killed several of their chickens. The owner was found and cited for dog at large and the two parties agreed to figure out compensation for the dead birds.

7/13 — A young black bear was spotted several times in the Creekside Meadows neighborhood. Idaho Fish & Game was notified and the sheriff’s office spread the word on social media.

7/13 — A caller reported that she was unable to find her two young boys. When units arrived she said she had found them hiding in a closet.

7/13 — A caller was very upset because a cyclist on the bike path started banging on her window while she was stopped in a vehicle. The cyclist confronted her about driving while talking on the phone, but the driver said she wasn’t on the road, she was in a private lot. She didn’t wish to make a report but wanted the incident documented.

7/14 — Dispatch received a call from Idaho State Police about a man on the side of Bates Road who had flagged down a passing car. He said he was looking for his friends. He had left the area when deputies arrived.

7/14 — There was a minor two-vehicle accident on Ross Avenue.

7/14 — A vehicle crashed into a pile of gravel in a construction area near Tetonia. The driver didn’t sustain any injuries.

7/14 — A Tetonia caller reported that his mailbox had been knocked over and stolen. He also noted there had been other instances of vandalism in the area but declined to speak to a deputy.

7/14 — A caller reported that a man with a handgun had been threatening his coworker. Deputies responded and interviewed witnesses, who could not confirm that the man had a gun but said he did make threats. He was charged with misdemeanor battery.

7/14 — A caller reported that her son might have been given a fraudulent $20 bill. It was actually just an older bill.

7/15 — There was a two-vehicle accident in Driggs. A report was taken and one driver was given a verbal warning for following too closely.

7/15 — The hospital reported a patient with a dog bite. A friend of the patient owned the dog, so no charges were made.

7/16 — A driver ran off the road into a telephone pole in Victor after being blinded by an oncoming vehicle with its brights on. The pole broke and Silverstar was notified of the damage.

7/16 — A caller reported that he was cleaning up litter at Rainey Bridge and found receipts with the name of the possible suspect. The person was contacted and denied littering. He was given a warning.

7/16 — A caller reported that someone had contacted her husband and threatened to kill his family if he didn’t send money. TCSO determined that other counties have received similar reports. She wanted the call documented and said she would file a report if the threats continued.

7/16 — A woman was taken into custody on a Madison County warrant. Additional charges are pending because she was found to be in possession of paraphernalia and controlled substances.