There were 286 calls for service in Teton County from July 9 to July 15. There were 49 traffic stops, four DUIs, ten accidents, eight public assists, two ambulance runs to Grand Targhee, and 26 security checks of local businesses.

7/9 — A vehicle was pulled over in the Basin Burger parking lot where the driver was cited for DUI after failing to maintain her lane. The driver was a 19-year-old female from Tetonia and was cited for underage DUI and warned for possession of alcohol. She was released to the custody of her father.

7/9 — An individual brought her car to a mechanic after leaving it parked for a couple of days at the end of June. The vehicle was diagnosed with deliberately cut brake lines. The incident is currently under investigation.

7/9 — A call about a stolen vehicle was received after it was taken the night before. It was found on Aspen St. not long after and there was no damage or missing items when deputies located the car. The vehicle appears to have been taken for a joyride.

7/9 — Deputies issued two citations for underage drinking at the Teton County Rodeo after deputies stopped two minors while walking the fairgrounds.

7/10 — The sheriff’s office received a call from Broulim’s where an individual was reprimanded for shoplifting. The perpetrator was served a trespassing order and was barred from Broulim’s property. He was identified by the sheriff’s office as a previous offender.

7/10 — The same individual was called in as a suspicious person parked near the Driggs Pavillion. He was wearing suspenders with no shirt and was advised to leave the premises.

7/10 — Occupants of a Utah-licensed silver Mazda vehicle were confronted by the owner of the Victor car wash after he observed them illegally dumping trash in his dumpster. Deputies arrived on the scene but were unable to locate the vehicle and its occupants.

7/10 — Deputies performed a traffic stop and took an individual into custody after he blew nearly three times the legal limit. He was cited for excessive DUI and transported to the Madison County Jail.

7/11 — An individual was scared away by car alarms after he tried to burglarize vehicles on Cutthroat Lane in Victor. The individual was not apprehended and a report was taken.

7/12 — An individual in Driggs was cited for first offense DUI. Before citing him, deputies had seen the individual outside of his vehicle at a gas station, identified him as intoxicated, and cautioned him to call someone for a ride. Not long after, the individual (in the same vehicle) was spotted failing to maintain the driving lane by the same deputies. He was then given a courtesy ride back to his residence.

7/13 — A hit-and-run accident report was taken by sheriff’s deputies near the Hastings Lane/Highway 33 intersection. One vehicle failed to safely pass another and collided briefly. The offending driver and vehicle were located at a residence and a citation was issued.

7/13 — An individual was selling sheep on craigslist and received a fraudulent check as payment. The seller had not yet delivered the livestock and kept the sheep.

7/13 — Juveniles were reported to be throwing rocks at a vehicle on Main St. in Driggs under broad daylight. A report was taken for insurance purposes.

7/13 — Two individuals were involved in a hit-and-run on W Little Ave. in Driggs. The offending vehicle was located and the driver did not know she collided with the other vehicle. Insurance info was exchanged by the involved parties.

7/13 — A one-vehicle rollover outside of Victor was reported to the sheriff’s office. The accident occurred just across the Bonneville county line and Idaho State Police took over the response. No injuries were reported.

7/14 — Teton County Fire & Rescue was called in after a downed powerline ignited a brush fire outside of Felt. Shortly before the fire crew arrived a suspicious vehicle was seen leaving the area. Fire personnel extinguished the fire after it had burned five acres.

7/14 — Teton County Idaho Search & Rescue was alerted to a report of an injured hiker on the Rapid Creek trail near Alta. Rescue personnel arrived on the scene and executed a successful transport operation as the victim had a deep knee laceration. She was transported by air ambulance to medical help.

7/14 — A vehicle was reported to be passing dangerously on MP 140 outside of Driggs. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

7/14 — A driver was pulled over and stopped after failing to maintain the lane. Deputies did not cite the individual with DUI and determined that their lack of driving skills was to blame.

7/14 — A stolen motorcycle was reported to the sheriff’s office and a report was taken. The motorcycle was taken by one individual engaged in a common-law marriage. Since it was considered community property, deputies did not cite anyone.

7/14 — A male subject was approached by deputies near the Victor Gateway convenience store and questioned for customer harassment. The individual appeared to be under the influence of some substance and his broken-down vehicle was towed away. He was advised to stop harassing customers and to not operate a vehicle.

7/14 — A juvenile was taken into Child Protection Services after deputies responded to a child abuse call. The offending individual was identified as a step-father and the incident is currently under investigation.

7/14 — A vehicle with California plates was stopped outside of Driggs and a 39-year-old male was cited after refusing to take a Breathalyzer test. He was taken into custody and bonded out.

7/15 — A four-year-old male child was reported missing during Music on Main in Victor. The child was located by an ambulance crew after a civilian tip outside the concert area and Idaho State Police personnel returned him safe and sound to his parents.