There were 197 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between December 25 and December 31. Officers performed 14 traffic stops and 33 security checks of local businesses. There were 2 accidents, 11 slide-offs, 4 DUIs, and 3 ambulance run to Grand Targhee.

12/25 — A driver was cited for first offense DUI in addition to driving without a valid license. The vehicle was released to the driver’s aunt.

12/25 — A female caller reported that a male had pushed her and acted as though he was going to punch her. Deputies responded and spoke with both parties; she did not wish to press charges, but wanted the incident recorded. The caller was advised of the steps to acquire a civil protection order and given contact information for the Family Safety Network.

12/26 — An unknown suspect vandalized the plastic awning at Grand Teton Brewing Company. The plastic surrounding the outdoor dining area appeared to have been slashed. The incident is under investigation, and anyone with information regarding the incident or perpetrator is encouraged to contact the Teton County Sheriff’s Office.

12/26 — A caller reported that he had parked his 2018 van in the parking lot near Rise coffee shop and had returned to find it missing. He then informed dispatch that he had parked it in that spot on November 27th when he left town. When he returned the day after Christmas, the vehicle was nowhere to be found. Dispatch informed him that the vehicle was not parked in public parking, and it had long since been towed.

12/26 — A caller reported a possible drunk driver between Victor and Driggs. The vehicle was not maintaining the proper lane of travel, and crossed the center line multiple times. Deputies made contact and determined that the driver was not intoxicated, just elderly.

12/26 — A deputy located an individual sleeping in their vehicle near Basin High School just before midnight. The male driver was underage and intoxicated, and was cited for underage DUI, possession of paraphernalia, open container, and providing alcohol to a minor.

12/27 — While the deputy was citing and releasing the above-mentioned minor, his friend pulled up in an effort to check on him. Turns out he should have just called: the second minor was also cited for underage DUI, open container, and possession of a concealed weapon. He was also cited and released, though both would have earned a trip to county jail in non-Covid times.

12/27 — A caller reported that while she was out walking her dog, a pickup truck with a plow on the front passed her and took the opportunity to accelerate aggressively. Deputies located the driver, and he explained that he did so because he was not a fan of the caller’s canine. He was given a verbal warning and an explanation of the proper recourse for a misbehaved dog.

12/27 — A caller reported that neighbors were playing music very loudly, and it was interfering with the baby’s sleep. Deputies had a chat with the revelers, and they agreed to turn down the tunes.

12/28 — A carbon monoxide alarm went off, and though it was determined to be a false alarm, it is a good reminder to ensure that your home has a functioning CO2 monitor — especially during winter months.

12/28 — A caller reported that a horse was stuck in a cattle guard near a Forest Service access road. Dispatch was able to contact the owner of the horse, and while the owner was en route, the caller was able to free the horse’s leg. The owner retrieved the horse, and all ended well.

12/29 — A caller reported that while her dog was running around near the rodeo grounds in Tetonia, it was caught in a trap and killed. The caller requested assistance in retrieving her dog from the trap, and demanded further investigation of the incident. The incident has been forwarded to Idaho Fish and Game for further investigation.

12/29 — Dispatch received an abandoned 911 call, and (per protocol) called the number back to ensure everyone’s safety. A woman answered, and told dispatch that she was “not okay.” A male took the phone from her, and proceeded to harass the dispatcher: first placing an order for a pizza, and then insisting that the dispatcher was not actually calling from the Sheriff’s Office. He then hung up. Dispatch was unable to reach them via phone again, and was unable to locate the source of the call to offer further assistance.

12/31 — A caller reported a man physically assaulting the vending machine at a car wash. He was attempting to batter free some snacks without paying. He left, and deputies were unable to locate him. They do not believe he was able to abscond with any snacks.

12/31 — A caller reported that a woman came to his home and knocked on the door requesting help. When the caller and his wife were attempting to get information to assist the woman, she left the property. They followed her in a vehicle, and when they located her, another vehicle arrived. The drivers said they were her family, and explained that she was in the process of detoxing. When she had gone out for a walk, she had become disoriented. They escorted her home without further incident.