There were 383 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between January 8 and January 21. Officers performed 63 traffic stops and 50 security checks of local businesses. There were 9 accidents, 13 slide-offs, 4 DUIs, and 7 ambulance runs to Grand Targhee.

1/8 — A vehicle collided with an elk, and the elk was sufficiently uninjured to be able to escape the scene. Deputies took a report for the vehicle damage.

1/8 — A caller reported falling victim to a scam phone call, and was defrauded out of $35,000. The case is under investigation.

1/9 — A deputy stopped a vehicle for failure to use a turn signal. The driver, an adult male of St. Anthony, ID, was determined to be driving under the influence of alcohol. He was also issued a citation for obstruction, taken into custody, and released with a court date.

1/9 — A caller reported that a vehicle had slid off the road near their home, and they suspected the driver to be intoxicated. Deputies responded and confirmed that the driver was, in fact, under the influence — by twice the legal limit. She was given a courtesy ride home, and, of course, a citation.

1/10 — A caller was concerned for her safety as her husband, who was intoxicated, was screaming at her and threatening to shoot one of their dogs. Deputies arrested him, and he was later transferred to Madison County Jail because of felony charges.

1/10 — The fire department responded to a fire that was, in fact, a controlled burn. Dispatch was unaware of the burn, and reminds the community that even in winter months, a permit and notification to dispatch are required before any controlled burning.

1/10 — A traffic stop for a driver who was unable to maintain his lane of travel on the highway led a deputy to discover a controlled substance and paraphernalia in the driver's vehicle. He was cited and released. 

1/13 — A driver's windshield was destroyed by debris falling from a semi truck driving ahead of the car. The damage was significant enough to require the vehicle to be towed. A report was taken, and the incident is under investigation. 

1/14 — A juvenile caller (approximately 9 years of age) reported that his brother (approximately 11 years of age) was hitting him, and their mother was not home. Deputies contacted the mother, and confirmed that neither child was in any real danger: just brotherly roughhousing. 

1/14 — A caller reported that a man against whom she had a No Contact Order had come into her place of work. Deputies took the report, and are investigating the violation further. 

1/16 — An individual who was extremely intoxicated was found in a snowbank. Deputies called an ambulance to confirm that the individual had not suffered further injury - the subject refused medical care, and was given a courtesy ride home. (We assume the deputy turned the heater all the way up for him.)

1/16 — When deputies responded to a vehicle slide off, they noted that the driver was behind the wheel, had the car running and in reverse. Despite his best efforts, the vehicle was quite stuck. The driver was cited for first offense excessive DUI (indicating a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit), a citation for an open container, possession of a controlled substance, and paraphernalia. He was given a courtesy ride to his residence at his parents' home. They collected the vehicle at a later time.

1/18 — An individual was perturbed with a particular marketing agency based out of Ohio because of their representation of the NRA. The Teton Valley resident called and made vague threats toward the agency. When deputies made contact, it turned out that the individual was under the influence of alcohol, and clarified that they had intended to make threats of legal action, not actual harm. All parties were willing to accept an apology for the miscommunication. 

1/19 — An adult male was arrested on drug trafficking charges. He was taken into custody, and a search warrant executed on his residence. The case is pending.

1/20 — The fire department responded to a structure fire and were able to extinguish the blaze. Though the modular home sustained some damage, there were no injuries and the majority of the structure was salvaged.