There were 201 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between January 1 and January 7. Officers performed 27 traffic stops and 32 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents, 12 slide-offs, two DUIs, and two ambulance run to Grand Targhee.

1/1 — There was a report of a patron at Dave’s Pubb attempting to start fights with others. She left the bar shortly after the caller reported her.

1/1 — A driver slid off the road near Mountainside Village. He was cited and released for DUI and given a courtesy ride to his residence.

1/1 — A caller reported that her ex-husband was outside of her parents’ home sending threatening text messages. He left the property but deputies were able to locate him and pulled him over. He was advised of the complaint and told not to return to the house.

1/1 — A caller reported that a loose dog had attacked him and his dog while they were hiking up Henderson Canyon. The dog’s owner was unknown.

1/1 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in Tetonia. The deer was removed from the scene and a report was taken for the damage to the vehicle, included a broken driver’s side window.

1/2 — A caller said that an individual at a party had made sexually suggestive comments to him and made unwanted physical advances. A fight broke out at the party and the caller left. He did not know the identity of the person but he wanted the incident documented.

1/3 — A vehicle flew off the road on Highway 32 and ran into a fence. The car was towed and a report was taken for the property damage.

1/3 — There was a report of a semi driving down the highway in the direction of Teton Pass. Teton County, Wyoming law enforcement was informed.

1/3 — A caller reported that someone had taken information from their AirBNB listing to make a fraudulent Craigslist ad. They were advised to contact Craigslist to have the post removed.

1/3 — A caller reported that he had been jumped and subjected to battery while at a party. He know one of the suspects and reported that all involved were intoxicated. The case is under investigation.

1/3 — A man had an altercation with his mother then said he was leaving and that she wouldn’t see him ever again. Deputies located him and he told them he was upset and wanted time alone, but did not intend to harm himself. The officers confirmed that he did not have the means or intention to do so.

1/3 — A caller requested to have deputies trespass her stepdaughter from a property she owned. The stepdaughter was notified of the action.

1/3 — A caller reported neighbors playing loud music in a Victor apartment complex. Deputies tried to make contact with the neighbors but no one answered the door and it appeared no one was home, but that a TV had been left on. Information was passed on to the TCSO day shift.

1/4 — The Tetonia post office requested that a man who had been sleeping there be trespassed, but later retracted the request.

1/4 — There was a washing machine dumped on the side of the road on Hastings Lane. The illegal dumping was documented and it was arranged to be removed.

1/5 — A woman drove her car off the road south of Driggs and was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs.

1/5 — A man reported that he had been shoved by an employee at Broulim’s and then he punched the employee. The fight is under investigation.

1/5 — A deputy was serving a civil protection order when he heard the sound of fighting at a neighboring residence. He made contact with the residents, who said it was only a verbal altercation and that they didn’t need to be separated for the night.

1/5 — There was a domestic disturbance between a father and daughter when she refused to relinquish her phone to him. Deputies arrived and separated the parties for the night.

1/5 — A caller reported that her husband was threatening her in front of their children and had damaged property in his anger. He was cited and released for domestic violence and the parties were separated for the night.

1/6 — Parents called concerned about their juvenile daughter’s erratic behavior. They were given information on resources to help with her mental welfare.

1/6 — A driver was pulled over north of Victor for operating a vehicle without license plates. The driver was detained for acting suspiciously and a K9 search was performed. The driver was cited for underage possession of alcohol and given a warning for having no plates.

1/7 — There was a two-vehicle accident on 9000S. One driver was cited for failing to yield at a stop sign and the other was cited for not having a driver’s license.

1/7 — A caller reported that someone had used his debit card at a business. He had filed the paperwork with his financial institutions and wanted a police report. He was given a fraud packet.

1/7 — A caller reported seeing an intoxicated woman getting into her car after O’Rourkes stopped serving her. The caller then located a friend of the woman to come pick her up.

1/7 — There was a report of a juvenile female being repeatedly asked by another student to take compromising photos of herself. The prosecutor’s office is looking into charges and the school has been informed. The family was given information on seeking a civil protection order.

1/7 — A caller reported that a man who appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance was walking down the middle of Highway 31 in town. An Idaho State Police trooper located the man walking on the bike path and he said he was fine.

1/7 — A caller reported that a stranger was carefully examining his vehicle parked in downtown Driggs. The suspicious individual then left in a black SUV. Nothing had been stolen or damaged.