There were 268 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between December 31 and January 6. Officers performed 48 traffic stops and 30 security checks of local businesses. There were 42 slide-offs, ten accidents, and one DUI. There were three ambulance runs to Grand Targhee.

12/31 — There was a two-vehicle accident on the highway at 5500S due to treacherous road conditions. The accident caused road blockage and required some hazmat clean-up. No one was injured and the driver responsible for the accident was cited for following too closely.

12/31 — A caller reported seeing two people walking down the highway north of Driggs. The individuals were located and asked to please not walk on the road.

12/31 — A caller reported seeing two juveniles dancing and playing in the highway north of Driggs. The kids were located and given a courtesy ride to their residence. They were also given a verbal warning for dangerous antics.

1/1 — A caller reported that several intoxicated men were causing a scene at a Driggs residence. Deputies arrived and gave the instigator a courtesy ride to his hotel. They later were called to assist him when he was having trouble entering his room due to his level of inebriation. No arrests were made.

1/1 — There was a two-vehicle accident in Victor. No one was injured or cited and a report was taken.

1/2 — There was a two-vehicle accident on Ski Hill Road. One driver was cited for failure to stop at a stop sign.

1/3 — A tire shop in Driggs reported possibly fraudulent tire sales. The sheriff’s office helped spread the word of the scam and the shop managers advised they would make contact with the customer who had fallen victim to the fraud.

1/3 — MD Nursey reported the theft of two company vehicles. The case is still under investigation and outside agencies are working with TCSO to help locate the culprit.

1/3 — A caller reported that previous renters were upset about building materials that had been left at the residence and were taken or retrieved. The sheriff’s office advised the parties that it was a civil matter.

1/3 — An ambulance was dispatched to Grand Targhee to transport an older woman who had been hit and seriously injured on the slopes by another skier. She was transferred by air to EIRMC and Teton County, WY is investigating the accident. Anyone who witnessed the collision should contact the sheriff’s office in Jackson.

1/3 — A caller reported that he was receiving threatening text messages from a known individual. The harassment is under investigation.

1/3 — Deputies performed a traffic stop in downtown Driggs for failure to stop when entering the roadway. The odor of marijuana was detected and a search of the vehicle yielded a controlled substance and paraphernalia. Both of the juvenile occupants of the vehicle were issued juvenile notices and released to the custody of their parents.

1/3 — A driver was pulled over in Driggs for speeding and not obeying a stop sign. He showed signs of impairment and failed field sobriety tests. A search of the vehicle yielded multiple open containers, marijuana, and paraphernalia. He was cited for several offenses.

1/4 — At 5 a.m. a Driggs caller reported seeing a door that had been left open at a neighboring business. Officers responded and found no sign of suspicious activity. The door proved difficult to reclose or lock due to conditions.

1/4 — A resident fell victim to a fraud on Facebook. A report was taken.

1/4 — The FAA requested that the sheriff’s office check on an overdue aircraft. Deputies attempted to locate the craft at the airport but were unable to locate it, and advised the agency that the pilot had not come to Driggs.

1/4 — A caller reported that a family member was attempting to commit suicide. Deputies located the individual and deemed she was not a danger to herself. She was in possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, which was seized for destruction. No citations were made.

1/5 — A caller reported the theft from a Victor residence of jewelry worth between $7,000 and $10,000. The burglary is under investigation.

1/5 — Dispatch received a report of a maroon truck that was stranded on the side of the highway north of Victor with a smashed-in roof, as if it had been involved in a rollover. The vehicle had been removed from the scene when deputies responded.

1/5 — After taking a family vehicle without permission, a juvenile was served a notice for possession of a controlled substance as well as a traffic infraction.

1/5 — Dispatch received a 911 call of a woman crying on the line before hanging up. Deputies arrived and located the subjects, who had been involved in an argument. There was no evidence of criminal activity.

1/5 — A caller reported a hiker up Pole Canyon who was overdue. As Teton County Idaho Search & Rescue was being mobilized, the caller reported that the hiker had returned home safely.

1/5 — A caller reported that someone was dangerously shining a laser pointer into passing vehicles near Cemetery Road in Driggs. Deputies were unable to locate anyone in the area.

1/5 — The hospital reported that an uncooperative patient had gone missing from his bed. Deputies located the patient nearby. He said he was feeling better and didn’t want to stay at the hospital, and had removed the IV from his arm before calling a friend for a ride home. Deputies suggested that he return to the hospital if he began to feel poorly again. An hour later his wife called dispatch to advise that he was having shortness of breath and she requested an ambulance transport to return him to the hospital.

1/5 — A Tetonia caller reported an individual walking in the road in the middle of the night. Deputies responded and gave the man a courtesy ride to Driggs. The next morning he was called in as a missing person and dispatch informed the reporting party of his location.

1/6 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in downtown Driggs. The car was undamaged and the deer fled the scene of the accident.

1/6 — A Driggs business reported that an employee had been making fraudulent returns. The case is under investigation.

1/6 — A nonverbal juvenile was reported missing at Broulim’s. The teen was located before units had arrived to assist with the search.

1/6 — Dispatch received a delayed report of a two-vehicle rear-ender accident on Cemetery Road in Driggs that had occurred two days prior.