There were 187 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between February 12 and February 18. Officers performed 34 traffic stops and 25 security checks of local businesses. There were seven accidents, nine slide-offs, no DUIs, and seven ambulance runs to Grand Targhee.

2/12 — A caller reported that her husband was overdue while traveling back from Jackson. She was unable to contact him. As deputies were searching for his vehicle, he made contact with the caller and informed her that he was unharmed, just delayed on his commute.

2/12 — A caller reported that a truck had rolled over near the Teton County line near Canyon Creek. When deputies responded, they confirmed that the accident actually occurred on the Madison County side of the line, and remained on scene to offer agency support to responders from that county.

2/12 — A vehicle ran off the road and caused damage to a road sign. A report was taken, and the driver was cited for violating terms of their learner’s permit. The ID Department of Transportation takes such infractions into consideration before issuing a full driver’s license; such a violation can delay the issuance of a full driver’s license or incur a fine.

2/13 — A caller reported that people on snowboards were being towed behind a truck at unsafe speeds on a county road. Deputies were unable to locate the truck or the ‘boarders.

2/14 — A reporting party wanted to document that a gate had been deliberately opened, and one of their horses escaped. Though there have not been any citations issued at this time, the caller indicated that they have evidence that the act was intentional. Under investigation.

2/16 — A caller from the West Yellowstone area reported that they had concerns about a Teton Valley resident who had made possibly suicidal statements via a dating app. Deputies were not able to get enough information to identify or locate the individual, but were able to leave a voicemail in an attempt to confirm their safety.

2/17 — A juvenile male was exploited into sending nude videos of himself via a social media app to an unknown individual. The case is currently under investigation.

2/17 — A caller reported that while on a Zoom meeting, one of the participants fell over and did not respond to the group’s inquiries as to whether she was okay. Deputies made contact; the individual had passed out and fallen over, but declined transportation to the hospital via ambulance. Confirmed that she was feeling much better.