There were 137 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between November 27 and December 3. Officers performed eight traffic stops and 43 security checks of local businesses. There were three accidents, zero slide-offs, and zero DUIs. There were two ambulance runs to Grand Targhee Resort.

11/27 — A caller reported neighbors setting off fireworks. Deputies made contact and were advised that the fireworks, part of a birthday celebration, were finished.

11/28 — A caller requested a welfare check on her adult son who has mobility and health issues. Deputies checked the residence, and though the subject did not initially respond to the door or to phone calls, he eventually came to the door. Deputies confirmed that he was safe and in good condition.

11/29 — Crosswalk signs and snow poles in Victor were discovered to have sustained damage from a vehicle. There was no sign of the vehicle that caused the damage. Deputies relocated the signs and advised the City of Victor about the damage.

11/29 — A caller reported a possible incident of poaching near Crestview and Highway 33. Deputies were unable to ascertain whether the animal was shot with a property owner’s permission or the location of the shooter. The suspect vehicle was not located.

11/29 — A caller reported finding a deer that had been shot. The case was referred to Idaho Fish & Game.

11/29 — A caller reported a moose near the highway between Victor and Driggs. Deputies hazed the animal away from the roadway, and shared a community reminder via social media that wildlife is often drawn to the roadway by the salt used for ice management. They issued a reminder to drive carefully and stay aware for animals.

11/29 — There was a vehicle vs. horse collision near Tetonia. The property owner was advised that horses had escaped their enclosure, and of the damage caused to the vehicle. No further information on the condition of the horse.

11/30 — Teton Valley Hospital called to report a dog bite. The patient requested no charges be issued, and no further action was taken.

11/30 — A minor accident caused rear-end damage. There were no injuries. The report was transferred to the Idaho State Police.

11/30 — A caller reported a suspicious person camping in front of a local business, and that his presence was making customers feel uncomfortable. While on the phone with deputies, the caller asked the individual to leave, and he complied. The caller declined further response by deputies.

11/30 — A caller reported a suspicious person walking on the Old Jackson Highway around 11:30 p.m. Deputies made contact and the individual explained that they were just out for a walk while talking on the phone.

12/1 — A caller reported that while his children were home alone, a suspicious person arrived at the home claiming to be from an insurance company needing to perform some kind of home evaluation. The children did not allow the individual into the home, and the caller was concerned that the visitor was not legitimate. Deputies were able to locate the vehicle in the area and confirm the individual’s credentials as a legitimate representative of an insurance company performing official duties.

12/1 — A caller reported that their neighbors had been playing music loudly for over three hours. When deputies arrived, the music was turned down.

12/1 — A caller reported that her juvenile son had driven away in a car without a valid driver’s license, and she was concerned about his welfare. Before deputies made contact with the juvenile, he returned home with the vehicle, unharmed.

12/2 — A caller reported than an elderly male approached them in Broulim’s and was upset that the reporting party was not wearing a mask. The suspect pulled down his own mask and coughed in the reporting party’s face. The store has footage of the incident, and it is currently under review for possible assault charges by the county prosecutor’s office.

12/3 — A caller in the Cedron area reported what he believed to be mountain lion tracks, and that the evidence may explain a neighbor’s recent loss of chickens. The caller was transferred to Idaho Fish & Game.

12/3 — A caller reported that her vehicle had been struck by a large, construction-type truck and sustained damage to the side mirror. No other damage was reported, and the parties agreed to exchange insurance information and handle the incident without further law enforcement assistance.