There were 161 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between December 18 and December 24. Officers performed nine traffic stops and 30 security checks of local businesses. There were seven accidents, six slide-offs, one DUI, and one ambulance run to Grand Targhee.

12/18 — A caller reported possible illegal dumping of trash in an excavation pit near her property. Deputies attempted to contact the owner of the pit to discuss the concern, but were unable to reach them.

12/18 — The engine of a UPS truck caught fire. Responding fire units extinguished the blaze without further incident. In order to prevent any Christmas morning disappointment, UPS promptly sent a replacement vehicle and delivered the onboard packages, all of which were undamaged.

12/18 — Dispatch received a report of a possible drunk driver swerving across both lanes near the Wyoming state line. Deputies located and stopped the vehicle. The driver was not intoxicated, and explained to deputies that he was attempting to get the attention of the driver in front of him — a friend to whom he was attempting to (very unsafely) say hello. Deputies issued a warning and recommended contacting friends in less life-threatening ways.

12/19 — A caller provided deputies with information regarding the dogs responsible for a trail of murder and mayhem in Victor over the past few weeks that resulted in the death of an alpaca, neighborhood pets, and chickens. Two of the three dogs were apprehended and are in custody at the animal shelter. A third is still wanted and at large.

12/19 — A caller reported that an adult male followed him around Broulim’s grocery store and called him a litany of names for not wearing a mask. The caller did not desire charges to be brought, but simply wanted to make an informational report.

12/19 — An off-duty deputy reported concerns about a less-than-traditional brand of snow sport. A vehicle was pulling a passenger-loaded couch, which was sending up a shower of sparks as it careened across the pavement. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle, though not for lack of trying.

12/20 — An adult male resident of Teton Valley was charged with a first offense DUI after a traffic stop. He was given a courtesy ride home.

12/20 — A caller reported a vehicle attempting to drive up a groomed trail in Horseshoe Canyon. Unsurprisingly, the vehicle then became stuck. Deputies contacted the Forest Service and advised the groomer of the (very stuck) vehicle, and gave the driver a courtesy ride home. They also gave him a citation for driving on a groomed trail.

12/21 — A caller reported that her husband was making suicidal threats, and was parked at a certain location with a loaded firearm. Deputies located the subject, safely secured the firearm, and he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. Afterwards, he was transported to the Behavior Health Center in Idaho Falls for further support. If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, help is always available. National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline: Dial 211

12/22 — True to the “Groundhog Day” feel of 2020, two accidents occurred back-to-back at the corner of Bates and Main Street in Victor. In both cases, one driver was driving too fast for conditions and following another vehicle too closely. Fortunately, neither resulted in injuries.

12/22 — A caller reported a possible drunk driver coming down Teton Pass. The vehicle was driving recklessly and tailgating the reporting party. Deputies located and stopped the vehicle. The driver was not intoxicated, just in a hurry and a bad mood. He was reminded that aggressive driving is especially dangerous in the winter, and that all drivers are encouraged to leave sufficient time to safely navigate icy roads. And to leave their attitude at home.

12/23 — The pressure of the holidays is just too much for some folks. A caller reported an intense verbal altercation between two men in the parking lot of Broulim’s over a parking spot. Deputies made contact with all parties, both of whom maintained that the other was the first to exit their vehicle and begin making threats. No charges were issued.

12/23 — A caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked at Sherman Park in Victor. A deputy made contact and confirmed that nothing suspicious was occurring in the vehicle. And he probably apologized for ruining date night before recommending that the lovebirds take their activities elsewhere.