There were 256 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 14 and August 20. Officers performed 52 traffic stops and 37 security checks of local businesses. There were six accidents and two DUIs. Residents called the sheriff’s office eight times about loose cows. 

8/14 — A driver who was pulled over in downtown Driggs passed field sobriety tests but was cited for having an open container.

8/14 — A hiker near Table Rock called the sheriff’s office regarding bears in the area. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

8/14 — There were multiple complaints of loud music coming from Teton Springs. Officers located a party happening and advised the attendees of the noise complaints.

8/15 — A man was cited and released for his first DUI offense in downtown Driggs.

8/15 — A deputy was approached by a Driggs resident who was upset because a neighbor had been digging in his yard. The man was given the contact information for the city code enforcement officer because the sheriff’s office does not enforce Driggs ordinances.

8/15 — A caller reported that a man was yelling at her from outside the house and slashing her tires. Officers made contact with the people and determined the altercation was verbal and that the man had let air out of her tires but hadn’t slashed them. They agreed to separate for the evening and the man said he would reinflate the tires.

8/15 — A caller reported seeing possible smoke off a road west of Tetonia. It was determined to be dust clouds from traffic on the road.

8/15 — A caller said he had extinguished a smoldering campfire up Dry Henderson Canyon and wanted to inform the Forest Service.

8/15 — A caller reported that he was concerned his girlfriend had suicidal tendencies. She was located and found to not be in danger of self harm.

8/15 — A caller reported that a neighbor was running his chainsaw at 9 p.m. The neighbor told the sheriff’s office he was done for the night.

8/16 — A Driggs parent wanted to press charges after a neighbor’s dog bit her young child. The sheriff’s office gave the owner a vicious dog citation.

8/16 — There were multiple reports of a large grass fire at the Felt power plant and a utility pole fire in the same area. Crews from the Upper Snake Interagency Wildfire Group responded and suppressed the fire, leaving the Forest Service to oversee the site.

8/16 — A caller reported that he had driven a vehicle to the top of Relay Ridge and was stranded. He was seeking assistance to remove or tow the vehicle safely. A Teton County ID Search & Rescue team member happened to be in the area and assisted the person in getting the vehicle extricated.

8/16 — A driver was pulled over on Ski Hill Road for failing to stop at a stop sign and given a citation for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

8/17 — A Victor caller reported that someone had tried to open the door of his apartment and then left.

8/17 — A hotel manager reported the smell of marijuana coming from a guest’s room. Deputies escorted the guests out of the building and gave them a verbal warning for possession of a small amount of controlled substance.

8/17 — A driver hit a piece of metal on Highway 32 and caused damage to his rental vehicle. He needed a report for insurance purposes.

8/17 — A man was pulled over on Cedron and cited for DUI.

8/17 — A Driggs caller reported two people outside who were yelling and screaming at each other. Deputies were unable to locate the people or their vehicle.

8/17 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident outside of Victor. Idaho State Police took a report.

8/17 — Over the week dispatch received five calls about calves loose in the area of Creekside Meadows. The owner, who lives in Rexburg, was advised about the free cows.

8/18 — A customer at a Driggs restaurant was extremely upset because his pizzas weren’t ready on time. Three officers responded to deescalate the situation.

8/18 — There was a four-vehicle accident in downtown Victor. One person was transported to the hospital and no one else was injured. One person was cited for following too closely.

8/19 — There were multiple reports of loud fighting at a Victor residence. Deputies spoke with the involved parties and determined it was only a verbal altercation. They agreed to keep it down.

8/20 — An officer spoke with two juveniles who were riding their bikes around the Victor City Park at 2 a.m. He also spoke to their parents, who said they knew they were out. The kids were given a warning for not having lights.

8/20 — A caller reported that her sister-in-law was sending her threatening text messages. She was given information on seeking a civil protection order.

8/20 — A caller reported seeing fireworks north of Victor. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the fireworks. Burning restrictions are currently in effect in Teton County, meaning in addition to fireworks being prohibited, residential burning and open outdoor burning are not allowed.

8/20 — A Victor caller reported smelling marijuana in the area. Deputies spoke to nearby residents and found no evidence of illegal drug use.