7/23 — A report of a delayed hit and run near the Forage Bistro and Lounge was received by TCSO. The involved parties exchanged information although one party was initially resistant to do so. No further action was taken.

7/23 — Deputies were called to a property near Felt where neighbors reported animal neglect. A livestock investigator from the Idaho State Department of Agriculture was accompanied by TCSO deputies. The investigator determined that adequate care of the animals was being taken and no further report or charges were filed.

7/23 — Assault was reported by an individual who walked into the Teton County Law Enforcement Center. The reporting party was assisting an individual who was moving out as a result of roommate disputes. A report was taken by deputies.

7/23 — A vehicle reportedly cut off an ambulance at Basin Burger north of Driggs. The occupants of the vehicle also harassed the ambulance crew. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

7/23 — An employee and sub-contractor were reportedly involved in a $200 theft of cash from a wallet. One of the two individuals was also suspected of DUI. The report given to TCSO was from a secondhand source and the victim was advised to come forward to authorities so a course of action can be determined.

7/23 — An individual was apprehended by deputies after violating a no contact order and civil protection order. The offending individual was reportedly yelling at the victim on the victim’s relative’s property. The individual in custody was transferred to Madison County Jail. It is believed that the victim and offender were formerly involved in a relationship. A second offending individual was also involved in the situation and a warrant was issued. On July 26 the individual who had an arrest warrant was apprehended by TCSO deputies and charged with stalking, assault, and petty theft. He was also transported to Madison County jail.

7/24 — Deputies responded to a yelling match heard on the other end of a 911 call. The call was hung up by one of the individuals. Deputies arrived after the situation settled down and found nothing wrong at the residence.

7/25 — A deputy observed a depressed individual who was sitting in the middle of Highway 33 near the Spud Drive-In at 12:30 in the morning. The deputy talked to the individual who felt much better after the conversation. He then went back to his rental vehicle and no further action was taken.

7/25 — Fire crews responded to a call outside of Tetonia. There was reportedly an excessive amount of smoke but the blaze was classified as recreational and compliant to area fire requirements. Fire crews cleared the area.

7/25 — A tan wallet was reported lost in Teton Canyon and information was collected. If it is recovered TCSO advises that you report it found.

7/26 — A firearm was reported stolen from a Driggs residence. A report was taken and the information was put into the national database of stolen firearms.

7/27 — A two-vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Main St. and Center St. in Victor. No injuries were reported and a report was taken.

7/28 — Theft of services was reported at the Mountain Town Car Wash in Victor after the owner of the car wash contacted TCSO. The offending individual used a credit card to pay for car washes and subsequently called her credit card company to stop the charge after each car wash was completed. The now-former customer was warned and given a trespass order.

7/28 — A warrant arrest was completed successfully for an individual that was suspected of committing crimes in Bonneville County. He was transferred to Madison County Jail and was then extradited to Bonneville County.

7/28 — Fire crews responded to a brush fire at the airport after a power transformer burst, igniting the grass beneath it. Airplanes were required to not land while crews put out the flames. After the fire was extinguished airplanes were given the green light to resume landings.

7/28 — A private transaction for two vehicles went sour after an owner reported to deputies that the vehicles were removed from his property without permission. The vehicles were returned and the situation is now a civil issue that will be determined by the prosecutor and the involved parties.

7/29 — A reckless driver was reported southbound near the ID32/33 intersection near Tetonia. It was reported that the driver was speeding and nearly caused an accident after failing to maintain the lane. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.