There were 376 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 6 and August 13. Officers performed 147 traffic stops, 25 security checks of local businesses, and eight public assists. There were two accidents, three DUIs, and seven controlled burns called in by residents.

8/7 — A caller in Tetonia reported people possibly trespassing in the area. A deputy investigated and determined that the individuals were on their own property.

8/7 — A caller in Tetonia reported that a man was trespassing and fishing on her property. A deputy located the man, who was using a public waterway but opted to leave the area.

8/7 — One vehicle rear-ended another on the highway north of Victor. One driver was cited for failing to provide proof of insurance and for following too closely.

8/7 — A California man was pulled over for speeding in Tetonia and cited and released for possession of drug paraphernalia.

8/8 — A caller reported a large pile of wood on fire in Victor. Units responded and determined it was a controlled burn.

8/8 — Madison Memorial Hospital reported a dog bite that had occurred in Tetonia. The patient had been bitten by a neighbor’s dog but he declined to press charges.

8/8 — The sheriff’s office received a third party report, including photographic evidence, of child abuse. The report was forwarded to the investigative team, who located the suspect and charged him for felony injury to child. The child was taken out of the home and relocated to alternative housing.

8/8 — Dispatch received multiple calls regarding a middle-aged woman with a broken ankle on the Huckleberry Trail up Teton Canyon. Teton County, Wyoming dispatch was notified.

8/8 — Units responded to a grass fire.

8/8 — A caller reported fireworks in the Game Creek area. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the fireworks.

8/8 — Teton County, Wyoming requested assistance from TCSO in checking the Idaho side of Stateline Road after receiving a noise complaint about a loud party. Officers were unable to locate the source of the noise.

8/9 — A caller reported that her husband was acting strange and belligerent and that he wouldn’t calm down. Deputies responded and after speaking to the involved parties, they transported the man to the hospital for a voluntary mental evaluation.

8/9 — A caller reported that a female neighbor had come over showing signs of domestic battery. The suspect fled the residence on foot and deputies filed a warrant for his arrest.

8/9 — A Victor caller reported that a stranger wearing a tie dye shirt was in his yard and refusing to leave. The stranger eventually left in a blue Toyota.

8/9 — A caller reported seeing a group of men attempting to break into a neighbor’s house. They were apparently trying to intimidate the resident after a romantic conflict and left after the caller made a report. The group then went to the person’s place of work and threatened him verbally. After the men left the scene, the victims were interviewed but did not wish to pursue charges.

8/9 — A caller reported a possible domestic disturbance occurring in a parked car in Tetonia. A deputy made contact with the occupants and determined the opposite of a disturbance was transpiring. He advised them to take their activities elsewhere.

8/9 — There was a report of a disagreement during a custodial exchange. Officers spoke to the couple and the man said he would take the children for the night and would call back if a civil standby was needed.

8/10 — The City of Victor wanted to document a scam phone call in which the caller claimed the city had won a sweepstakes through Silver Star. The employee immediately disconnected and confirmed with Silver Star that the call was false.

8/10 — A caller reported a stolen vehicle parts package. The theft is under investigation.

8/10 — The Department of Health and Welfare made a report about inappropriate touching of a juvenile female. The assault is under investigation.

8/10 — A caller reported receiving harassing calls and voicemails from a neighbor. Charges are pending in the case.

8/10 — A traffic stop for speeding north of Driggs yielded a citation for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

8/10 — A caller reported that he had been pushed and knocked down by another man and he had a video of the incident. Battery charges are pending.

8/10 — There was an intoxicated man walking down the middle of Highway 31 at 5 p.m. He was given a courtesy ride to his destination.

8/11 — A caller reported that a friend was going to fix his vehicle but the car was missing when the friend came over. It was entered into the national database and later located in Nebraska. The driver was taken into custody for being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

8/11 — A Driggs resident with prior DUI convictions was pulled over near LeGrand Pierre Avenue for driving at night without taillights. He fell down while taking field sobriety tests, abraded his face, and blew over three times the legal limit. EMTs responded to check on his injuries. He was cited for excessive DUI and open container and given a courtesy ride home.

8/11 — The Madison County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an elk that had been hit west of Tetonia. Units responded and found no elk in the area.

8/11 — A Tetonia business reported that its email had been hacked and used to spam all its customers. The customers had been notified but the business wanted it documented in case of any fraudulent transactions.

8/11 — A juvenile sent an explicit photo on Instagram to an unknown party, who then demanded money and threatened to release the photo to the youth’s family. The juvenile was advised not to send photos of that nature on social media.

8/11 — There was a two-vehicle accident on Highway 31 at 3:45 p.m. Upon investigation it was determined that one driver was intoxicated. He was cited for failure to yield at a stop sign, failure to provide proof of insurance, and DUI, and given a courtesy ride home. One vehicle had to be towed.

8/11 — A caller reported that a friend who had bought a car from her had stopped making payments and not answering calls or email. The case is under investigation.

8/12 — An Ashton man was pulled over in Victor for driving without a front license plate and for failing to stop at a stop sign. He blew almost two times over the legal limit and was cited for open container and DUI.

8/12 — A former employee was trespassed from a Victor gas station.

8/12 — A caller reported a suspicious vehicle in the middle of a field near the Bates river access. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

8/12 — A caller reported that someone at a local business made her feel uncomfortable during an interaction. She didn’t want to press charges but wanted the incident documented.

8/13 — A caller reported juveniles skateboarding in the Broulim’s parking lot at 2 a.m. Their parents were notified.

8/13 — A driver was pulled over in Driggs for having an illegal window tint and the passenger was cited for open container.

8/13 — Deputies responded to a possible ordinance violation at a Victor business but did not find any evidence of an illegal food truck on the premises.

8/13 — There was a report of loud noise coming from the Spud during a concert. The sheriff’s office advised the event organizer of the noise complaint.