There were 302 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 6 and August 12. Officers performed 77 traffic stops, 22 security checks of local businesses, and five public assists. There were five accidents and four DUIs.

8/6 — Officers responded to a disturbance in Driggs where multiple intoxicated subjects were involved in an argument. There was no physical altercation and no citations were issued.

8/6 — There was a two-vehicle accident in Victor. One car was towed. TCSO assisted Idaho State Police with the accident report.

8/6 — A Victor caller reported a suspicious man walking around the property claiming he was doing survey work for the landlord. Neither the landlord or any neighbors confirmed they had hired a surveyor. The caller was told to call back if the person returned.

8/6 — TCSO received a report of someone being harassed at work. The actions didn’t quite meet the criteria for harassment according to the state statute, so the victim was given information on seeking a civil protection order.

8/6 — A visitor was pulled over in Victor and taken into custody after he refused a BAC test. He was cited for refusal, intoxicated subject with a concealed firearm, and open container. Officers obtained a search warrant for an involuntary blood draw. The man later bonded out and was given a courtesy ride to his hotel.

8/7 — There was a report of a campfire or bonfire up Darby Canyon. Fire units were unable to locate the blaze.

8/7 — A caller reported that there was a group of intoxicated individuals loitering at the fairgrounds after an event. The caller was concerned they might engage in drunk driving. One man was later pulled over and taken into custody for first offense DUI.

8/8 — A caller reported a known individual banging on her doors and windows and calling and texting her. Deputies responded but were unable to locate the suspect. The resident was advised to call back if the person returned.

8/8 — A visitor was pulled over north of Victor. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI, then was processed and given a courtesy ride back to his accommodations.

8/8 — A Victor resident was pulled over north of Victor. He was cited for driving without insurance or a license, DUI, possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia, fictitious display of license plates, and failure to register a vehicle. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

8/8 — There was a report of sexual assault of a juvenile female by a juvenile male. Child Protective Services was notified.

8/8 — There was a two-vehicle accident north of Victor. The highway was briefly blocked. The vehicles had to be towed.

8/9 — A Tetonia caller reported that someone was dumping garbage in her trash can without permission. There was not enough information to identify a suspect.

8/9 — A caller made a report of a hacked bank account. The fraud is under investigation.

8/9 — During a traffic stop in Tetonia, the driver gave the deputy permission to search the vehicle. The driver was taken into custody for felony possession of a controlled substance.

8/9 — Officers executed a search warrant at a Tetonia residence.

8/10 — A caller reported that he had been struck twice in the face by a female suspect, but said he did not wish to pursue charges. Deputies were unable to take anyone into custody based on their findings. The victim was told to look into a civil protection order. He said he would stay elsewhere for the evening and would request a civil standby so he could pick up his belongings later.

8/10 — There was a vehicle vs. elk collision in Tetonia. The car was towed.

8/11 — A Tetonia caller reported that someone had tried to enter his house. He saw several suspicious individuals in the area. Deputies could not find the suspects but did locate a firearm outside the residence and took it to the sheriff’s office.

8/11 — There was a report of a disturbance in Tetonia between a couple regarding a bank account. No arrests were made.

8/11 — Several crosswalk signs were stolen in the Victor area. The theft is under investigation.

8/11 — A Tetonia resident was taken into custody on a standing warrant after a traffic stop. A search of his vehicle yielded methamphetamine and paraphernalia. He was transported to Madison County Jail.

8/12 — There was a dispute between a couple in the process of a divorce over the use of their shared vehicle. TCSO is investigating whether the case is a criminal or civil matter.

8/12 — There was a literal dumpster fire at a Victor business. Units responded and extinguished the fire.

8/12 — There was a two-vehicle accident south of Driggs. One driver was cited for following too closely and driving without a license.

8/12 — An Alta caller was upset about noise from planes circling above Driggs and Alta. The caller was advised to make a complaint to the Federal Aviation Administration.

8/12 — A caller reported being harassed at work over a civil protection order that hadn’t been served yet. Officers attempted to locate the harasser to serve her the order.

8/12 — There was a two-vehicle accident north of Victor. One driver blew just under the legal limit for DUI and was cited for failing to have insurance or a driver’s license and for following too closely. TCSO is currently investigating whether the other involved driver provided false identification.

8/12 — There was a false report of someone pulling a gun on someone else. It was determined that the individual had never removed the firearm from its holster.

8/12 — A Driggs caller reported hearing screaming in the area. Deputies were unable to locate the source of the sound but suspected it was a group of teens who had been terrorizing the neighborhood.

8/12 — TCSO received several reports of a loud party in Victor. Deputies responded twice and told the revelers to shut the party down.