There were 372 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 31 and August 6. Officers performed 153 traffic stops and 36 security checks of local businesses. There were two accidents, three DUIs, and 11 controlled burns called in by residents.

7/31 — A caller reported a reckless driver in Driggs. Deputies located and pulled over the vehicle. The driver admitted to using prescription medication and consuming alcohol before driving. He failed field sobriety tests and blew over the legal limit. He was cited for DUI and open container.

8/1 — A caller reported that her ex-husband had come to her house to drop off their son. While there he choked and scratched her before leaving the house. Officers were unable to locate the suspect but will bring charges against him for attempted strangulation.

8/1 — An individual was trespassed from a relative’s home in Tetonia.

8/1 — A juvenile male was bit on the hand by a neighbor’s dog. He declined transport to the hospital and the family did not wish to make a report of the bite.

8/1 — A driver hit a mountain lion near the state line in Victor at 5:45 p.m. The lion had to be dispatched due to its injuries. Idaho Fish & Game was notified and the carcass was removed.

8/2 — A Victor caller reported that a vehicle had crashed into a ditch on his property. He checked on the driver and found that he was not injured. The property owner drove the occupants to the driver’s brother’s residence and told them the vehicle could remain where it was until they were able to have it removed. There was no property damage.

8/2 — A driver was pulled over for speeding on Cedron. He admitted to drinking alcohol and had his daughter in the vehicle with him. He failed field sobriety tests, blew over the legal limit, and was charged with open container, DUI, and injury to child.

8/2 — There was a report of a suspicious vehicle driving up and down a section of road north of Driggs. A deputy went to the area and stopped the vehicle. Two dozen open beer cans were found in the car. When asked how many he had consumed that day, the driver, a man from Oklahoma, said he’d only had a six pack. He said he was unable to perform field sobriety tests but did provide a breath sample and was taken into custody for DUI, open container, and possession of a marijuana pipe.

8/2 — A tractor caught fire in a field in Victor. Units responded and extinguished the flames.

8/2 — A caller reported that young men and one young woman were spinning donuts in multiple vehicles in the Packsaddle Lake parking lot and one had nearly struck a pedestrian. The teens were gone when deputies arrived and no one wished to press charges.

8/2 — A caller reported seeing three very intoxicated individuals get off the Teton River at Bates and get picked up by a car. A deputy located and followed the vehicle but saw no indicators of intoxicated driving.

8/2 — A caller reported that he thought someone was shooting a firearm out of a car window but couldn’t provide enough information for officers to locate the vehicle.

8/3 — There was a family disturbance in Tetonia. Deputies arrived and learned it had been a verbal argument over a civil matter. The parties refused to separate but agreed to leave each other alone for the night.

8/3 — A young driver was pulled over for speeding in Victor. A vehicle search resulted in the issuance of a juvenile notice for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

8/3 — A man was arrested on five warrants, most of which were for felony possession of a controlled substance, and transported to Madison County Jail.

8/4 — A caller reported that a former employee had damaged one of his company vehicles. He declined to press charges and only wanted a report for insurance purposes.

8/4 — A caller reported concern about someone going door to door claiming to be a census worker. A deputy made contact with the person, who confirmed that he was indeed a census worker.

8/4 — There was a report of young riders on motorcycles and ATVs speeding up and down Indian Sunset. A deputy located the youths and advised them of the rules of the road.

8/4 — A caller reported that he was in his yard when an unknown woman drove by and verbally accosted him by calling him a homophobic slur. Deputies were unable to locate the driver.

8/5 — A caller said her son was screaming at her and frightening her. He had a history of mental illness. Officers responded and made sure both parties were safe. The family agreed to look into counseling services.

8/5 — A caller reported that his girlfriend had found a new bike at the transfer station and was concerned that it might have been stolen. There was no report in TCSO records of a stolen bike that matched the description.

8/6 — A caller requested a welfare check on a neighbor because the property no longer appeared to be cared for. A deputy checked the residence and while no one was home, it appeared that someone still lived there because one of the vehicles regularly parked there was missing.

8/6 — A deputy was flagged down by a woman who said her son and a friend hadn’t returned from a bike ride. The deputy began searching the area, then the woman called dispatch to report the children had returned home.

8/6 — A person who was attempting to shoplift at Broulim’s was confronted by an employee and left the store. The individual was issued a trespass notice.

8/6 — A caller reported that a neighborhood child had been threatened by other children, possibly with BB guns. A deputy located the child and determined there had been no threat; the child was upset that the other kids came over with airsoft guns and refused to share.

8/6 — A caller reported that his juvenile daughter had left their family business while everyone was working and that she hadn’t returned. Officers started searching for her but the father soon called to say she had come back.

8/6 — A Tetonia caller reported that someone had shined a flashlight into his yard at his grandkids while they were in a tent. The individual ran off and deputies patrolled the area.