There were 276 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between July 30 and August 5. Officers performed 71 traffic stops, 26 security checks of local businesses, and six public assists. There were seven accidents and five DUIs.

7/30 — Ada County informed TCSO of a possibly suicidal subject who had contacted the crisis hotline. The caller said she had taken a lot of prescription medications. Deputies contacted her family and friends, then located the individual and gave her a courtesy ride to the hospital for a voluntary mental health evaluation.

7/30 — TCSO received a report of someone burning something in a gravel pit south of Tetonia. Deputies located a person burning an old couch. The individual was advised of the burn ban that’s still in effect in Teton County and was given a warning.

7/30 — A caller reported that a seemingly intoxicated man had driven away from Wildlife Brewing. Deputies located and pulled over the car, and the man was taken into custody for felony DUI and transported to Madison County Jail.

7/31 — A driver was pulled over for having a license plate obstructed by a bike rack. She failed field sobriety tests. A search of the vehicle yielded marijuana. The driver was cited and released and the passenger, who blew under the legal limit, drove the vehicle home.

7/31 — A Tetonia caller reported hearing someone shooting on a neighboring property. Deputies made contact with the property owner, who said no one was allowed there. Deputies were unable to locate anyone on the property.

7/31 — A Driggs caller reported that a neighbor was throwing an all-day shindig and that intoxicated guests kept trespassing onto the adjacent property. Deputies made contact with the partiers and gave them all trespass warnings.

7/31 — TCSO received multiple calls about aerial fireworks being shot off near Ski Hill Road. Deputies were unable to locate the culprit.

7/31 — A caller reported that an erratic driver had nearly caused an accident in Tetonia then verbally accosted the caller. Deputies were unable to locate the reckless driver.

8/1 — There was a fight between two individuals at the Knotty Pine. A report was taken and the case is under investigation.

8/1 — A Driggs caller reported smelling an odor that might be burning chemicals. Neither the caller nor the officers were unable to locate the source of the smell.

8/1 — A caller reported that he was receiving strange texts. A deputy checked the messages and found nothing threatening, so the caller was advised to block the number.

8/1 — There was an altercation between a landlord and tenant. Deputies responded and attempted to mediate the conflict.

8/1 — There was a two-vehicle accident in downtown Victor when one driver backed into another.

8/1 — A caller reported possible vandalism to the temporary pool in Driggs City Park. The tear in the pool cover was investigated but did not appear to be malicious damage.

8/1 — A caller reported hearing a man and woman fighting. Deputies arrived at the residence and the woman said that her son had had an emotional episode that may have sounded like a domestic disturbance. The call was cleared.

8/2 — A driver was pulled over in Victor and was found to be intoxicated. He then spit on the officer and had to be transported to Madison County Jail. He was charged with DUI, assault on an officer, and resisting and obstructing.

8/2 — A caller said her nephew had gone missing. The boy later returned home safely.

8/2 — A Tetonia resident had a neighbor trespassed.

8/2 — A caller reported seeing smoke from a possible lightning strike at Mike Harris Campground. Units responded and found no sign of a fire.

8/2 — A caller reported seeing a truck in the ditch outside of Driggs. The motorist left the scene before deputies arrived.

8/3 — A caller reported seeing a woman bartending in her vehicle in the Broulim’s parking lot at 3:30 p.m. Officers were unable to locate the mobile mixologist.

8/3 — There was a fender bender in Victor. One vehicle had to be towed and the driver who caused the crash was given a warning for following too closely.

8/4 — Units responded to and extinguished an unreported controlled burn in Victor. The owner was advised of the local fire ban.

8/4 — TCSO received a report of a dog locked in a car in the Broulim’s parking lot. Deputies were unable to locate the car or the dog.

8/4 — There was a four-vehicle crash at the intersection of Johnson and Highway 33 in Driggs when one southbound driver failed to stop and caused a domino effect of rear-end collisions. The driver admitted to being distracted. Two cars had to be towed. The involved parties who were injured refused medical transport and took themselves to the hospital. The crash is still under investigation.

8/5 — An employee at a Victor gas station reported that there was an intoxicated woman on premises and requested that a deputy give her a ride home. She received the courtesy ride and her car was left at the business over night.

8/5 — A Driggs caller reported a fire in a burn barrel. Units responded and determined it was allowed under current regulations.

8/5 — A caller reported that she had found a man rummaging around in her car in the Broulim’s parking lot. He fled the scene and deputies took a report and are attempting to locate the individual.

8/5 — A Tetonia caller reported seeing smoke near the Badger Creek outdoor center. Units located the source and determined it was a legal campfire.

8/5 — A Wyoming resident was pulled over south of Victor for failing to maintain lanes. He was taken into custody for excess DUI and open container.

8/5 — Dispatch received over fifty 911 calls as well as many calls to the regular office line regarding a lightning strike that sparked a fire in Darby Canyon. Units responded but were unable to access the terrain. The Forest Service was notified and checked out the site in the morning, but fortunately it rained all night, which mostly suppressed the fire.

8/5 — A driver was stopped outside of Music of Main for failing to maintain lanes. He was taken into custody for underage DUI. The passenger was also intoxicated and on probation, so his probation officer was notified of the violation. The driver was processed and released into his parents’ custody.