There were 180 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between March 27 and April 3. Deputies performed eight traffic stops, 58 security checks of local businesses, and two public assists. There were two DUIs and one accident.

3/27 — A Victor resident requested an ambulance after dislocating his hip while sleeping.

3/27 — A woman was pulled over on Little Avenue for speeding. She failed field sobriety tests and admitted she had been drinking and had marijuana in the vehicle. She was cited and released for excessive DUI, open container, possession of a controlled substance, and paraphernalia. She and her dog were given a courtesy ride to her residence.

3/28 — A deputy observed a vehicle parked near a closed business in Driggs and made contact with the occupants. They said they had been having an argument but that there had been no physical altercation. They said they would go home for the evening.

3/28 — A caller reported seeing flames coming from a chimney in Tetonia. Fire units responded and were able to contain and extinguish the fire.

3/28 — The mayor of Driggs called the sheriff’s office because someone had reported hearing cheering in the woods behind the Driggs skate park and was concerned there may be a large gathering there. Deputies were unable to locate any crowds of people in the area.

3/29 — A caller reported that there was a deer in her backyard in Driggs.

3/29 — A caller requested a welfare check on a child living in Alta. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

3/29 — A caller reported seeing smoke coming from a vehicle south of Driggs. The smoke had cleared by the time units arrived. The car was towed.

3/29 — A caller reported seeing flames coming from the bottom of a vehicle in Tetonia. The fire was extinguished by the time units arrived.

3/29 — A group of five juveniles were rumored to have made a suicide pact. Deputies contacted all involved parties and none of them knew where that rumor had come from.

3/29 — A deputy pulled a vehicle over in Victor for failing to stop at a stop sign and detected a very strong marijuana odor coming from the car. The three juvenile occupants were issued juvenile notices and were released to their parents’ custody.

3/29 — A caller reported that his son had left the house angry and drove off. He soon called back to report that the son had returned home safely.

3/30 — A caller reported that a stranger had knocked on her door and was wandering around the apartment complex. Deputies made contact with the individual, who said she had traced her husband to the apartments using the GPS on his phone but had knocked on the wrong door.

3/31 — There was a report of property damage caused by a snow plow. The caller said he would contact the City of Tetonia about the damage.

4/1 — There was a one-vehicle rollover on the highway north of Victor. The driver refused ambulance transport and deputies took a report for damage to the vehicle.

4/1 — Idaho State Police advised TCSO of a report about a three-trailer semi truck blocking travel on Highway 33 west of Tetonia. Hay bales were being loaded or unloaded from the truck.

4/1 — A driver was pulled over in downtown Driggs for speeding and weaving. He was cited for DUI and released.

4/2 — A caller reported that she had received a package that contained a white powdery substance and paraphernalia and she wanted to surrender the items to law enforcement officers. The suspicious delivery is under investigation.

4/2 — A Tetonia caller reported being bitten by a chihuahua while walking past its house. The owner received a written warning and two chihuahuas were transported to the animal shelter for quarantine because the owner had no record of rabies vaccinations for the dogs.

4/2 — A caller reported that she had been in a physical altercation with her boyfriend, who was extremely intoxicated. He was taken into custody for probation violation, felony domestic battery, and attempted strangulation.

4/2 — A Victor caller reported that as he was driving home from work, another driver had harassed him by passing dangerously and then brake-checking him repeatedly. He couldn’t provide much information on the vehicle and said he would call back if he encountered the aggressive driver again.

4/3 — A Tetonia caller reported that he had gotten into an argument with a neighbor about a loose dog on the road and the argument escalated to threats. He said he didn’t want to sign a trespass notice against the neighbor and was advised on how to get a civil protection order.

4/3 — A caller reported the odor of marijuana coming from a neighboring Driggs residence. Deputies made contact and the case is under investigation.


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