There were 180 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between March 26 and April 1. Officers performed 54 traffic stops and 16 security checks of local businesses. There were two accidents, one DUI, and two ambulance runs to Grand Targhee.

3/26 — While investigating an accident, deputies discovered that the driver — a male resident of Victor — was under the influence of alcohol. He was booked and released with a DUI charge.

3/26 — A hospice worker arrived to discover that a subject had passed away during the night. The unattended death was documented for information.

3/26 — A caller reported that there was a disturbance in the neighboring apartment. Deputies responded and confirmed that there was a verbal altercation between two intoxicated individuals. No charges were filed, and the parties agreed to separate for the night.

3/28 — A caller made a delayed report of a vehicle versus deer collision the night before. At the time, the reporting party hadn’t seen any damage to the car, but the next day noticed minor damage from the collision and wanted to make an informational report for insurance purposes.

3/29 — A family who hadn’t heard from an individual in Teton Valley for a while requested a welfare check. Deputies made contact and determined that the individual was safe.

3/29 — Deputies assisted in the return of a firearm to an individual after he had voluntarily surrendered it the evening before. In a turbulent moment, the individual admitted that he had suicidal ideation and placed his firearm in the care of the front desk at his residence. When he requested it back, deputies responded and determined that the individual did not have plans for self harm.

3/30 — Visitors returned to their vacation rental to find the garage door and front door of the residence open. Deputies responded and cleared the home, finding no further signs of suspicious activity.

3/31 — Multiple juveniles reported receiving concerning messages via social media. Deputies reviewed all messages in question, some of which were of a bullying nature, and advised the youths to safeguard their accounts with privacy settings and blocking problematic accounts. No charges were filed.

4/1 — A father and son got into a verbal altercation. Deputies confirmed that there was no physical combat, and no charges were filed. The parties agreed to separate for the night.

4/1 — A caller was concerned for the welfare of a horse, and believed that the animal was being neglected. Deputies responded and determined that the horse was well cared-for and was not suffering any kind of abuse or neglect.