There were 206 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between April 17 and April 23. Deputies performed 14 traffic stops and 57 security checks of local businesses. Residents called in 42 controlled burns and eight loose or lost dogs. There were zero DUIs and one accident.

4/17 — A stranger came to a Victor residence after midnight looking for his girlfriend and was asked to leave, but he refused. Deputies located the person and told him to go home. He appeared to have been under the influence of a substance. The resident was told to call back if the man returned.

4/17 — A caller reported hearing gunshots coming from the Tetonia rodeo grounds. Deputies made contact with the shooters and determined they were shooting legally near the gravel pit using a safe backdrop.

4/17 — A driver was pulled over west of Tetonia for failing to use a turn signal. He was cited for possession of paraphernalia and the sheriff’s office submitted felony charges for his arrest because he was also in possession of methamphetamine.

4/17 — The fire alarm went off at the assisted living facility in Driggs. Units cleared the scene.

4/18 — A deputy made contact with the occupants of a vehicle parked in Tetonia. The driver consented to a search of the vehicle and the deputy located marijuana and paraphernalia. Both the driver and passenger were cited and released.

4/19 — A caller reported a reckless driver in Victor. The driver was going 30 mph in a 55 zone and weaving across the line. A deputy located and stopped the vehicle for suspicion of DUI. The driver, a Rexburg resident, failed field sobriety tests and admitted to being in possession of marijuana. He tested under the legal limit and was cited for possession of a controlled substance, paraphernalia, and open container.

4/19 — The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance in contacting the owner of a vehicle that had been involved in a robbery in Salt Lake City. The owner was contacted and found to be out of town in a different state. The owner’s information was forwarded to SLCSO.

4/19 — There was a report of goats near the highway at 6000S.

4/19 — A Driggs caller reported that there was an injured deer hanging out in his yard. Idaho Fish & Game was notified.

4/20 — A deputy observed a suspicious vehicle parked near Mountainside Village in Victor. The occupant had pulled over to rest while en route from Idaho Falls to Jackson.

4/20 — A Tetonia caller reported that his horse had gotten loose the previous night and requested that he be called if anyone located the animal.

4/20 — There was a report of multiple bags of feces along the road in a neighborhood north of Victor. The caller suspected a nearby property owner who was in the midst of a construction project. Deputies made contact with the owner, who said he was not responsible for the waste. The littering is under investigation.

4/20 — A Victor caller reported hearing yelling from a neighboring residence. Deputies responded and determined it was a verbal altercation and advised the residents of the noise complaint.

4/21 — A deputy came across a vehicle parked on the frontage road north of Victor with its alarm going off and no occupants.

4/22 — A Driggs caller reported that someone had deflated one tire on their car. TCSO investigated and determined the tire could have gone flat naturally.

4/22 — A deputy made contact with a transient individual who was attempting to hitchhike to Challis. The individual was informed of hitchhiking laws in Idaho.

4/22 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident in downtown Tetonia. A report was taken for damage to the vehicle. The deer fled the scene.

4/23 — There was a report of one Driggs apartment tenant throwing firecrackers onto another’s balcony. Deputies met with the caller to discuss options.

4/23 — A caller wanted to document possible malicious injury to property that she was a caretaker for. It appeared that someone had opened the hot water pressure valve and caused water damage. The incident was documented and she contacted the insurance company and house cleaners.

4/23 — A Driggs caller requested assistance from TCSO for a verbal altercation. The two involved parties were separated for the day.


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