There were 165 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between April 10 and April 16. Deputies performed 18 traffic stops, 43 security checks of local businesses, and six public assists. There were no DUIs and one accident.

4/10 — A caller reported that she was experiencing chest pain but no fever and wanted help getting the phone number for the hospital. Dispatch gave her the number and notified the hospital.

4/10 — Dispatch received a referral from the Idaho suicide hotline about a woman who said she was contemplating suicide. Dispatch spoke with her and put her in touch with a deputy. She voluntarily went to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

4/10 — A Driggs caller reported that he had found a bunch of pine cones and a wet mop from the garbage can under the hood of his car. He thought it was suspicious and wanted it documented.

4/10 — A caller reported that she saw a vehicle that matched an amber alert heading northbound from the Victor library. Deputies were on the look out for the vehicle but the amber alert was canceled shortly thereafter.

4/10 — A caller who was at the hospital reported that his intoxicated wife had left him there and driven away. Deputies located the involved parties, who were both intoxicated, and did not find grounds for a DUI charge but did advise them to separate for the evening after a verbal altercation. The woman was given information for the Family Safety Network.

4/11 — A car with three juvenile occupants was pulled over north of Victor for speeding. The deputy observed the odor of marijuana coming from the car. The teens consented to a search and the officer seized marijuana and paraphernalia. The driver and one passenger were cited for possession and released to their parents.

4/11 — There were several calls through the week regarding a group of goats near the highway in the area of 6000S. Dispatch notified the owner of the goats each time.

4/11 — There was a report of a wallet stolen from a vehicle in Victor. The theft is under investigation.

4/11 — A caller reported seeing a vehicle that matched the description of another amber alert. Deputies verified the car had local plates and was not the vehicle in question.

4/12 — There was a report of a lost wallet in Driggs. The owner was advised to cancel all credit and debit cards that had been lost.

4/13 — A Driggs caller reported seeing an unoccupied camper with its door open at a house near the high school. Deputies checked on the camper and found the door had been shut.

4/13 — A deputy observed a suspicious individual near the Victor LDS church. The individual was fixing a skateboard.

4/13 — A deputy observed a car near Tetonia that was unable to maintain lanes, traveling half the posted speed limit, and swerving off the road. After pulling the car over, the officer observed the smell of marijuana. The driver was cited and released for possession.

4/14 — A caller reported a large herd of elk north of Driggs. Officers located the herd and made sure they were off the highway.

4/14 — A Victor caller reported that he was being chased by someone who wanted to kill him, but could not provide any more information. Deputies responded and determined he was under the influence of psychedelic drugs. They escorted him to his residence and did not receive any further calls.

4/15 — There was a car accident just over the Madison County line and the call was transferred.

4/15 — A caller reported that children were being bullied by another student, possibly online. The case is under investigation.

4/15 — There was a hay trailer blocking a road in Tetonia. Deputies helped make room on the road for other vehicles to safely pass.

4/15 — Parents reported that their son had been conned into sending explicit photos to an individual claiming to be a woman on an app. The catfisher threatened to post the photos on social media if not paid. The parents advised the scammer that they were in contact with law enforcement. The case is under investigation, but the parents were advised to put more limits on their son’s internet usage.

4/15 — A man and a woman in separate vehicles collided twice after an argument over child custody, causing an estimated $16,000 in damage to both vehicles. The woman, who instigated the collisions, was cited and released for reckless driving.

4/16 — A deputy made contact with the occupants of a vehicle parked outside of Tetonia. He saw several open containers in the car and asked the driver to step out for a search. During a patdown, the deputy located a meth pipe on the man’s person and found a white crystalline substance in the car. The sheriff’s office is looking into an arrest and felony possession charges, which have been delayed because of COVID-19.

4/16 — There was a report of an individual making statements interpreted as threatening on a community Facebook page. The page administrators said they had taken precautions about the post and did not perceive it as threatening to specific individuals.

4/16 — A caller reported that while they were driving through Driggs, a cyclist crossed the road and was struck by the car, but rode away with no injuries. The caller wanted the incident documented in case the cyclist called to make a report.


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