There were 180 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between March 20 and March 26. Deputies performed 29 traffic stops, 56 security checks of local businesses, and five public assists. There was one accident and no DUIs.

3/20 — A caller reported that a deer had been struck by a car on Ski Hill Road. A deputy located the deer’s body and removed it from the roadway.

3/20 — Idaho State Police requested assistance after pulling over a driver with a felony warrant out. The subject was later released because the warrant was in a distant state. The sheriff’s office usually depends on a shuttle service for free extradition but the company has closed because of coronavirus, so people with warrants for minor offenses are not being transported out of state.

3/21 — A caller requested that an individual be trespassed from his mother’s residence. A trespass notice was served to the individual.

3/21 — A caller reported that a male neighbor had sprayed her and her dogs with mace. Deputies investigated and found no evidence of mace being used at the scene.

3/21 — There was a report of snowmachines at Grand Targhee. The call was transferred to Teton County, Wyoming.

3/21 — A caller reported that he had heard gunshots on his property. He had given an individual permission to look for antlers there but not to hunt. Deputies searched the property on foot and did not locate the source of the shots.

3/21 — There was a vehicle bumper in the road. It was removed.

3/21 — A deputy observed an individual walking around in a part of Victor for some time and was concerned the person might be hit. He made contact, learned the pedestrian lived at an assisted care facility, and gave the individual a courtesy ride home. The caretakers were advised.

3/22 — A caller reported seeing a man walking eastbound on Highway 33 north of Tetonia and was concerned because he was wearing shorts. Deputies were unable to locate the scantily-clad individual.

3/22 — A deputy made contact with an individual who was shooting a gun on the deputy’s property and gave him a verbal warning for shooting across a roadway.

3/22 — A car was pulled over in Driggs for failing to stop at a stop sign. The driver and passenger both consented to a vehicle search and psychedelic mushrooms were found in the passenger’s possession. Both were on felony probation so they were cited and released for possession and their probation officer was informed.

3/23 — A caller reported that someone had damaged her truck the previous night while her son was driving it. During the investigation the son disclosed that another driver had attempted to run him over. The suspect was located and arrested for aggravated assault and driving without privileges.

3/23 — There was a report of a juvenile having a physical altercation with an adult. The case is under investigation.

3/23 — There was a vehicle vs. deer collision in Tetonia that caused moderate damage to the vehicle. The deer left the scene of the accident.

3/24 — There was a delayed report from the Department of Health and Welfare of a juvenile female who had been struck by her stepmother earlier in the year. The suspect was arrested and cited.

3/24 — A teenager ran away from home and was reported by her guardian. She was located the following day.

3/24 — Dispatch received a report about a child that was being neglected and left alone for extended periods of time. Deputies contacted Child Protective Services and learned that the case had been resolved.

3/24 — A Driggs caller reported that her son had left the house on a dirt bike and wasn’t home by 8 p.m. Idaho State Police located him and escorted him safely home.

3/25 — A caller reported that his wife had called and said she was stuck in a ditch but she didn’t know where she was and her phone had died. While deputies attempted to locate her, the husband called back to say she had been pulled out by a passerby and returned home.

3/25 — A Victor caller wanted two cross-country skiers trespassed from the property. TCSO left a voicemail with a verbal warning for the two suspects.

3/25 — A caller reported a downed stop sign at the intersection of Cemetery and Ski Hill Road. The City of Driggs was informed.

3/25 — A juvenile female was pulled over in Victor for failing to use a turn signal and cited for possession of paraphernalia and tobacco products.

3/26 — A caller reported hearing a loud fight in a neighboring Victor apartment. Deputies arrived and spoke with the involved parties, and learned they had been watching loud movies. There was no sign of a disturbance or fight. They were told to turn the volume down a bit.

3/26 — A Victor caller reported that an intoxicated man was in his vehicle going through the console. The man didn’t take anything and the caller didn’t want to press charges but did ask that he be trespassed from the property.


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