There were 354 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between August 30 and September 5. Deputies performed 144 traffic stops, six public assists, and 60 security checks of local businesses. There were eight accidents and zero DUIs.

8/30 — While investigating a disturbance call, the Jackson Police Department was informed of a sexual assault that had occurred in Teton County, Idaho. The information was forwarded to the TCSO investigator and the two departments are coordinating the investigation.

8/30 — A caller reported the theft of a trailer hitch in Driggs.

8/30 — The rental keys and garage door opener were taken from a Teton Springs property and a case report was needed for the property management company.

8/30 — The probation officer requested a welfare check on an individual after receiving information that people in the household might have been using drugs. Deputies arrived and took two juveniles into custody for probation violation and possession of controlled substances. They were transported to the St. Anthony Juvenile Corrections Center.

8/30 — A caller reported that a friend had become belligerent and started throwing things at a house. Deputies arrived and determined there had been no physical altercation, but the friend was trespassed from the property and given a courtesy ride to a local hotel.

8/30 — There was a vehicle vs. cow accident in Tetonia. A report was taken for insurance purposes but officers were unable to locate any injured or deceased cows in the area.

8/31 — A truck backed into a car in the Broulim’s parking lot. The owners exchanged insurance information.

8/31 — There was a report of smoke south of Pine Creek Pass, outside of Teton County Fire’s jurisdiction.

8/31 — There had been a report several months ago of a fence being cut in Driggs, and the property owner called to say it had been cut again. The case is under investigation.

8/31 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident north of Victor. The deer fled the scene and there was minor damage to the vehicle.

8/31 — There was a car broken down outside of Victor. As deputies responded, a friend arrived to help relocate the vehicle.

9/1 — The fire department responded to Jackson to help Wyoming forces fight the Saddle Butte Fire in town.

9/2 — A resident at a Victor apartment requested assistance with a carbon monoxide alarm. Fire units did not detect any sign of a carbon monoxide leak.

9/2 — A Driggs resident reported that an intoxicated woman knocked on his door and was under the impression that she lived at his house. Deputies located her and gave her a courtesy ride to her actual residence.

9/2 — A caller reported that his friend had said she’d taken a large amount of medications as well as alcohol. She was located and transported by ambulance to Teton Valley Hospital, and later transferred to EIRMC.

9/2 — There was a vehicle vs. deer accident at Creekside Meadows on Highway 33. The deer was deceased and the car sustained minor damage.

9/2 — A power transformer exploded on Highway 31 and shut off power in the area. No fires were observed and Fall River Electric was contacted.

9/3 — There was a two vehicle accident in Victor when one car stopped at a stop sign and the car behind it rear-ended it. One driver was cited for failure to exercise due care.

9/3 — A Victor caller reported that neighbors had more than one RV on their property, in violation of county ordinances. The complaint is under investigation.

9/3 — A car accident on Bates Road caused property damage. The driver and the property owner agreed to work it out between themselves.

9/3 — While removing an abandoned vehicle, a tow truck driver hit another vehicle. The tow company and the owner agreed to handle the matter civilly.

9/3 — A semi truck was parked off the road in Tetonia but was still presenting a traffic hazard. A deputy advised the driver to move farther off the road.

9/4 — TCSO provided a death notification to a deceased person’s next of kin.

9/4 — There was an altercation between a father and a daughter in Felt. Deputies arrived and determined that it was a verbal argument and that the daughter had tried to break some objects in the house. They were separated for the evening.

9/4 — A caller reported that his wife was suicidal. Deputies located her and determined she was safe. While dispatch was on the phone with the husband, he also made suicidal statements. Teton County, Wyoming deputies located him in Darby Canyon and took him into custody for public intoxication and for supervision because of his suicidal statements.

9/5 — A Tetonia caller reported seeing several men firing guns in the area and gave a description of their vehicle. A deputy had also received a call from a dealer of firearms who informed him that there would be some target shooting in the area.

9/5 — A caller reported that she had seen two people arguing in Victor and then they departed in a car. She was concerned for their safety. A deputy located their vehicle and determined that there had been no physical altercation. The call was cleared.


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