There were 329 calls for service reported to the Teton County, Idaho Sheriff’s Office between Sept. 13 and Sept. 19. Deputies performed 91 traffic stops and 24 security checks of local businesses. There were four accidents, two DUIs, and two school bus stop-arm violations.

9/13 — Parents reported that their child was being bullied on social media. They were advised to delete SnapChat from the child’s phone and report any further incidents of bullying to the sheriff’s office.

9/13 — A red Mustang was parked outside Victor City Hall at 10 p.m. The vehicle was unoccupied.

9/13 — A Driggs caller reported hearing loud music every night of the week from a neighboring residence. The dispatcher could also hear the music over the phone. A deputy arrived ten minutes later but the music had already been turned off and there were no signs of a large gathering in the area.

9/14 — There was a single-vehicle rollover on the highway in Victor when the driver swerved to avoid a deer. The driver was uninjured but the airbags deployed and the windshield was broken.

9/14 — A deputy dispatched an injured deer off the highway north of Victor.

9/14 — A caller requested a welfare check on her son after his boss brought him home from work because he had made suicidal statements. Deputies responded and gave him a courtesy ride to the hospital. He was also cited for possession of paraphernalia.

9/14 — A caller from the Driggs airport reported that an apparently intoxicated woman had called and threatened to shoot down planes because they were flying too low over her house. She was contacted and advised to never make threats directed at the airport.

9/14 — In an unrelated call, there was a report of a damaged hangar at the airport.

9/14 — There was a report of smoke coming from a house in Victor. After investigation, the reporting party called back to say the smoke was coming from an outdoor grill.

9/14 — A caller reported that a man drove to her house and said he was a private investigator for a client in Teton County, Wyoming. He gave her his card. He also went to the residence of one of her friends.

9/15 — Deputies assisted in moving cows off the highway in Tetonia.

9/15 — A caller reported that she had been attacked by two pitbulls in Driggs while walking with a dog and a stroller. Deputies responded to the scene because there was a screaming altercation between the victim and the owner of the dogs. The owner was given a verbal warning for dogs at large.

9/15 — A caller reported passing a two-vehicle accident on Old Jackson Highway. When she stopped to help, a woman screamed profanities at her, so she left. Deputies responded to the scene of the accident and took one woman into custody for DUI. Her blood alcohol level was 0.214. Her car was towed.

9/16 — A man was pulled over south of Driggs and taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

9/16 — There was a report of an intoxicated man walking into traffic outside of Broulim’s. Deputies found him and escorted him to safety.

9/16 — A woman reported that her partner was harassing her. She was given information on how to get a civil protection order and how to contact Family Safety Network.

9/16 — A caller reported seeing a man swaying as he left a Driggs gas station with a beer in hand. He was pulled over and given field sobriety tests, which he passed. He was cited for open container.

9/16 — A caller made a traffic complaint of a reckless driver near MD Nursery. The driver, who was on probation, then crashed her car on South Bates Road, destroying the road sign and stop sign and driving 50 feet off the road into a field. She, her passenger, and their dog had to be extricated from the vehicle. The humans were transported to the hospital and the dog was taken to the animal shelter. The driver was later taken into custody for DUI.

9/17 — A caller reported that his neighbor’s trampoline had blown into his truck and dented the vehicle.

9/17 — A representative from an HOA reported that a heater had been dismantled and taken out of a pump house owned by the resort. The theft is under investigation.

9/17 — Deputies performed a house check on a man who was on felony probation and observed signs of controlled substances. The man was cited for possession of paraphernalia.

9/18 — A caller reported that he had given his Social Security number to someone over the phone. He was told to contact the Social Security Administration and monitor his accounts for signs of fraud.

9/18 — A caller reported that her son had taken her car without permission and while pulling back into the driveway had damaged his stepfather’s car and the side of the apartment building. A juvenile petition was served.

9/18 — A delayed report of domestic violence that had happened the previous week resulted in a man being taken into custody for felony domestic battery.

9/19 — A caller reported that half of his construction material had been stolen from a locked work site overnight. The theft is under investigation.

9/19 — A caller was concerned about the welfare of some neighborhood dogs. She said that their owner hits and yells at them when they behave aggressively, but that they do have adequate water and food. She said there have been run-ins with the dogs before but no one has reported it, and she wanted the matter documented.

9/19 — A woman escaped a domestic battery situation and called the sheriff’s office from a nearby gas station. Her abuser was arrested for domestic battery resulting in injury and for preventing the victim from calling 911. He was transported to Madison County Jail.


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